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VI sub panel from different .exe

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I have a quite complex project that requires me to have multiple executable running.

My problem is as follow:

MAIN.exe need to load in a sub panel any of the OTHER.exe.

All the exe has been compiled in LabVIEW. The MAIN.exe come from a different project than the OTHER.exe.

In LabVIEW everything is working.

I can access successfully the control and indicator value of the OTHER.exe trough vi server.

Using the same VI reference, should work in the sub panel. But why it is not working?



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What's the errors generated from the VI server calls?  I'm guessing the subpanel insert generates an error, and I'd also guess that error is something to do with the front panel window of the VI to be inserted already being open.  Other than that you could ignore subpanels and VI Server all together if this is in Windows and perform child/parent relationships to embed any window inside any other.  I demo'ed this in my attempt to insert notepad in the front panel of a VI, as shown here.


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