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Default VI file name

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There is no direct method.

BUT we can always hack something. I've attached a little plugin that allows you to change the default name of the newly created VI. It's based on project providers magic, so use this at your own risk (this is the dark magic we're talking about here ;) ).

1. Install this package.
2. Go to <LabVIEW>\resource\Framework\Providers\DefaultNamesChanger folder
3. Open DefaultNamesChanger.ini file.
4. Edit "VINameTemplate" key.
5. Save the ini file and restart LabVIEW.


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Hm.... well... that's frustrating. I've tried to get as many VIs as possible out from under password lock. I thought that one was clear.

I'd suggest you just save over it, but it looks like it handles quite a bit. I'm guessing this one is still password protected because there's some bits in there that could be easily unstable if used under different conditions.

Sorry to get your hopes up.

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Another option is creating a lv_new_vi.vi in that same folder. This VI will override the behavior of pressing Ctrl-N. You can find the required conpane for the VI on labview wiki somewhere, but I think it's just 4x2x2x4 with an I32 in the upper right. Unfortunately (due to its age as a feature) it has no knowledge of application instances, and thus doesn't work properly when pressing Ctrl-N under different containers in the project window.

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