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did you mean bald?

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2 hours ago, Porter said:

They did say that maybe Unicode support is coming to LabVIEW. I would give LabVIEW a plus for that.

They said Unicode support was coming in the next 1 to 2 releases, two years ago. Priorities change, challenges happen, acquisitions go through, so I get that NI hasn't been as timely with their roadmap as they had hoped.  Sarcasm aside I don't actually want to be too critical of NI and missing road map targets.  They didn't have to publish it at all.  I'm grateful they did publish it even if it is just to give an idea of what things they want to work on.

Oh but I did look up the 2023 roadmap, and unicode support was changed to "Future Development".

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19 hours ago, hooovahh said:

Oh but I did look up the 2023 roadmap, and unicode support was changed to "Future Development".

My takeaway from the roadmap is that they are concentrating on interoperability and relegating products to backend services. This was the direction NI were taking before Emerson but  expect it's taken on a new impetus since the takeover. I expect the awful gRPC to be leading the charge so they can plug the NI products to their products. Unicode support isn't a consideration for that since the UI will be elsewhere.

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