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  1. Only thoughts: -- I would separate the changing of frames of reference (AB in A-frame --> AB in B-frame) from the inverting of the vector (since the later is then trivial) -- shouldn't the change of reference frame involve two relative angles? rather that the single angle your code snippet seems to have? -- James
  2. That is a flawed design, due to the use of the same queue for both internal operations of the lower loop and incoming messages from the event structure in the upper loop, leading to indeterminacy in the order of operations. Good design always uses separate queues. I, personally, would recommend anyone starting to use "QSMs" (how about "Queued Operation Machines", QOM?) to use a good template such as the JKI statemachine toolkit to avoid these types of design mistakes (which I sadly recall making myself). -- James
  3. For the benefit of Dannyt and others reading, "Queued State Machines" such as the JKI state machine are misnamed in that they are not actually state machines. True state machines are a different concept, and are what Paul_at_Lowell and Daklu are talking about. QSMs are more like queued command or queued operation machines, and thus the concept of a "macro" set of commands applies. -- James
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