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  1. Is that kinda like the Simpsons episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s61-pkrWiTE The end of that clip cut out early, Lisa then handed him the rock and took the money. Also is anyone else surprised that a random clip from a random Simpsons episode 13 years old is on youtube?
  2. Why not, they already handle my email, photos, online documents, IMing/Video conferencing, atlas, web browsing, RSS reader, calendar organization, web hosting, Video Hosting, directory assistance, blogging, online book reader, financing, medical records, not to mention their amazing web searching, product searching, image searching, news searching...do I really need to go on? I could there's google voice, and wave coming soon. Now to be honest I don't actually use all of these services but I use many of them. I may give Google DNS a try but I probably won't stick with it.
  3. This is not limited to politicians or project managers. I had a professor for a networks class (mostly CAN) and in the first day of class he had a power point presentation telling us about how he made a drive by wiring for a fork lift, and he made some robots and stuff. Turns out he didn't do any thing, it was a senior design class and a thesis that he advised for that in his mind he helped enough to claim he made it. Our final project was to simulator a drive by wire system for a motor cycle (lets not get into why this is a bad idea just yet) We had a node to simulate the signals, and we had a node displaying the signals with a dash display, and images of the front and back of the bike to show turn signals and lights. His next term he added out stuff to his power point presentation and ended up telling the class he made it again. Coincidentally enough, there were some students who were in both classes and they called him out on it.
  4. While I generally agree with you I would like to make an argument for the US post office. I realize they are not the most cost-effective. But I still find it amazing that for $0.42 I can mail a piece of paper across the country in a few days. That being said when was the last time I had to mail a letter where I could just as easily send information electronically instead. Wonder if it's possible to just get rid of the post office for mailing paper. Could the post office be replaced with a more digitized version where people email/fax letters to send, and they can email/fax/deliver the information. Then we wouldn't need mail trucks to deliver documents from a city to another, just have the a document email from city to city, and then delivered that way. I'm sure there's alot of problems with what I said and someone has surly thought of it before me.
  5. "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom." Paul might be on to some thing I mean it looks like Viacom is in on the whole global warming conspiracy too.
  6. \small crowd forms "Fight Fight Fight Fight!" \crowd size increases
  7. Conspiracy James is out of town this week so I'll be glad to fill the void. XKCD: http://xkcd.com/258/ And just because it's Paul: Every thing we ever know could all be lies. We know the earth is round because many different independent groups tell us it is, but I have never done any experimentation to determine if it is. What about atoms, and molecules and the periodic table of elements is that all made up? Could be I don't know for sure it isn't. For all I know computers could run off of fairy dust and moon beams, I've never built one from scratch, how do I know what makes it work? Ultimately I don't know, I take all the information that is given to me and I formulate an opinion based on what I am told is fact from groups and organizations which may have a private agenda. I believe global warming is an issue we should be concerned. I may be completely wrong but I know that I don't have the technical data to backup hardly any claim without referencing someone else's work, which could be total crap.
  8. Nope all should be fine, modern motherboards don't need you to tell them how much ram they have, or change any thing when you add more.
  9. Thanks for mentioning that. While many versions of LabVIEW can co-exist happily, the addons, and extras that come with LabVIEW is a more difficult. When I said "it is a pain to setup" I should have mentioned the extra difficulties involved in making everyone happy. While I had all these versions installed they were mostly used for down converting code. I never actually deployed code saved in 5.0 to a DAQ system.
  10. Actually you can have many versions of LabVIEW installed at once. I at one time had 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 7.1, 8.0, 8.2, 8.5, 8.6, and 2009. All in Windows XP SP3. It's kind of a pain to setup, and it is better to use virtual machines for this if possible. A discussion was created some time ago but I can't seem to find it.
  11. I think he always knew how to wire it up, he just needed help building a distributable product. I'm sure he used some LVOOP since the child inherited some of the parents attributes. (never really worked with OO does that sentence make sense?)
  12. ...well mine has less features... To be honest I didn't know NI had developed a tray icon tool. When I searched ni.com and their forums I searched for "System tray" or "tray icon". All I found was old articles saying it was possible with some shell32 calls, and how to do it with LabWindows. There's also a company out there that developed a product for making system tray icons in LabVIEW. Because of this I assumed there wasn't a free open source way to do it. I can't look at NI's tool right now (on the wife's netbook) so I can't say what all the differences are, but I can say that mine doesn't require .Net 2.0. And my tool is can also be used in any programming language that is supported in Windows and has file I/O tools. That being said it sounds like NI's tool is much more feature complete.
  13. Ok so I got another goodie that I've been working on. I don't know why, but lately I've had a slight obsession with the Windows system tray. I don't know why just do. I wanted an easy semi-universal way of making system tray icons. I wanted some thing native but instead I went with what works, and I may end up changing it down the road. Right now it uses AutoIt3 (another obsession lately). But you don't need to install AutoIt, Windows should already contain all the run time engines needed. Included in this zip is two AutoIt EXEs. CreateTrayIcon.exe is the main work horse. It is a command line program, so applying the /? switch will give you some information about what parameters are needed. It needs a command to exit on, a tip strip text, a path to a config file (which contains all the items to appear when you right click one item per line), a path to the icon to use (it supports using .dlls or .exe files with an icon index or .ico file) and a icon index which can be blank or 0 if not used. The second EXE is RemoveUnusedTrayIcons.exe. If you kill the icon using the LabVIEW VI it will just run taskkill on the application. This normally leaves the icon in the system tray until you mouse over it and then it disappears. This program searches for all icons that don't have a handler and removes them. The source for both EXEs are included. What VIs are included? There is a create icon VI, get click VI (what did the user click on) and kill icon VI with an example VI named Tray Example.vi. There is also a Global used for passing data around, but it's not important. Another feature I included is the minimize to tray VI. This will take a VI and minimize it to the tray, then wait for the user to double click it or restore it to bring it back. I also created an example for this. Here's a screen shot but it's not very exciting. I was thinking of adding support for more complicated tray items, like bolding items, adding checkmarks, I saw a way to implement radio buttons, and even nested items. Are these the kinds of features that would be useful? Also if you didn't notice since the autoit programs are command line programs, any programming language that has File I/O can use this to create tray icons. I just included LabVIEW VIs as a sort of API to make it easier to use. BTW all of these VIs are written in 7.1 for the most compatibility. Create Tray Icon.zip
  14. I expected it to mean something in Japanese...this all has nothing to do with controlling electrons anymore.
  15. Yeah I didn't get offended but I know some people do. Even so it was a bad example, because you should have googled "what does kamahamaha mean" or "translate kamahamaha". And I did google it before posting, just out of curiosity and there wasn't an obvious answer.
  16. Kamehame....wonder if that translates to any thing.
  17. hooovahh


    Anyone else click the !@#$% link expecting something to happen? Yeah this is a downfall of LabVIEW for sure. When I was first learning LabVIEW I would make a cool small application that didn't serve much of a purpose. But I couldn't easily share it with friends because of the runtime engine issue. I do think 62MB is a little extreme, what version of LabVIEW was it built in? I have the LabVIEW 7.1 runtime at 11MB zipped with normal compression levels. But that's still too big for most email servers, I think many are at a 10MB limit, while I know gmail is 20MB. Posting this zip would be illegal right? Since NI owns the runtime engine? Attached is my file list for my LabVIEW 7.1 runtime. I've been told that my file list is extensive and could be trimmed. LabVIEW 7.1 RunTime.txt
  18. They make for cheap gifts, say when is the work Christmas party again
  19. I love black friday but I usually only go for a few hours getting the few deals that appeal to me. Last year I got a 19'' LCD monitor for $100. Now I can find them that price used or refurbished but not new. I also got a 42'' 1080P LCD tv for $450 (after wal-mart discount). Is there anyone else that just goes to ArtVan for the free gift? They had a snake light one year, and some tupperware one year, and I think some throw pillows and blankets another year.
  20. As of this morning I've noticed that in my RSS reader (Outlook 07) doesn't seem to work correctly with the "View Article" link. If I click on "View Article" on the bottom of the post it doesn't take me to the post but instead the main page of the forum. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. But the "Click to reply directly to this post" link does work. So this morning to go to the article I've been clicking the reply link, and then canceling my reply in the browser. BTW if it matters XP SP3 Firefox 3.5.3
  21. I can't tell you how many times I listened to that before I realized it was a loop...but it was too long Kinda reminds me of lamma lamma duck.
  22. I really don't want to come across as mean, but you say you've been learning LabVIEW for a few weeks, and you say you can do alot of the problems in the book...but you didn't change the state of the boolean in your sequence structure. You may want to review some of the chapters you've gone through and play around with some of the VIs you've already made. One pitfall of using a book is that you might just be going through the motions, putting down components and wiring them up without understanding how the code works. To get the result you're looking for wire a True or a False to the boolean in each state of the sequence. This will change the value seen in led1, 2, and 3. If you're looking to turn off leds (like when led2 comes on turn off led1) you'll need to create a local variable for led1, and when led2 turns on wire a False to led1.
  23. When ever obstruficated code is given to a student for a homework assignment, I always assume they just hand it in anyway and come up with an excuse to the teacher on why they did it that way, if they even look at the block diagram. And if they don't look at the block diagram then they someone like Ken could turn in the password protected code anyway. I never had a LabVIEW class but for Java we had to printout the source as well and send it in. I know of several ways to print out LabVIEW source but none seem like a good idea. But I do appreciate obstruficated code, especially when I can't understand what is going on but the end result is correct.
  24. Could talk about Magnetic Levitation, and how it applies to trains or other technologies. I know they have small toys for demonstrating this property. I didn't think bringing in water would be a good idea, could be messy. But if you don't mind messy how bout Diet Coke and Mentos? You could explain why it works (I recommend the Mythbuster's theories). You could basically take any episode of Mythbusters and break it down into some experiment. If we want dangerous what about a Tesla Coil? That's kinda more electronics but I'm sure physics works in somehow.
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