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  1. Are you lost? Except for the occasional Space Explorer Game or LabVIEW Game Console, LabVIEW hasn't had a whole lot of games made for it. But if you're complaining please feel free to develop some LabVIEW games and post them here. As for making them online that may be a challenge.
  2. Another one for GIMP, I agree that it takes some getting use to.
  3. "There's no emoticon for what I am feeling!" Oh wait, yes there is
  4. hooovahh

    May I CAN?

    I believe that Channel API also does not work on any NI USB device, so it would also need the Frame to Channel conversion library. We've also used that library on a FPGA CAN device, where all you receive is a raw stream of bytes. We passed that to the host main, which had an engine running that simply took it, converted it to channel API, and then put it on the virtual CAN bus (CAN256 I believe) and then any where in the code any engine could read CAN 257 as Channel and read what was on the CAN bus that the FPGA was connected to. I think NI has examples on how to do this.
  5. Eh it happens, I'm just glad the split went so well as I too was wondering what it would do to RSS. Maybe we should now split this, into a conversation about splitting threads? And splitting threads that have been split.
  6. hooovahh

    May I CAN?

    I've done some work with VectorCAN stuff but I wasn't impressed. The NI CAN devices would of worked better for what we needed, but since Vector is more specialized maybe if we were trying to do more crazy things than just read they would have been the product to have.
  7. Yeah LabVIEW was my first "real" language, just played around with PLC. I think it helped alot when going to other languages. When I started learning other languages I already knew the concepts of programming, and how to make decent code from a how it should be done. Then the only thing I had to do is learn the syntax. Learning from LabVIEW is very beneficial, I know that when I was in Java and wanted to get some thing done, I remembered how to do it in LabVIEW visually. This is something missing from other languages, I can visually see how my code should look, and where data should go to ac
  8. I wonder how this is different than Windows key + D? Not that I want a hijack but Windows key + E? Windows key + R? Windows key + Pause/Break?
  9. I think this is an important feature, because right now if I press OK before the light turns on, then when the light does turn on, it immediately thinks I pressed the OK button and will register a reaction time of 0ms. A solution I think might be easier is replace the Time Delay, with a while loop that waits based on tick counts. Then in the while loop you can pole the OK button, and if it is pressed before the wait time is reached a dialog can pop up and say they were too early.
  10. I haven't had problems installing older versions of LabVIEW on a machine that has newer ones if I only install LabVIEW and not any legacy toolkits, or old daq stuff. I recently installed 6.0 and 6.1 on a machine that already had 7.1, 8.0, 8.2, 8.5, 8.6, and 2009. I was worried it would break some thing but it went fine. Now if I would have tried installing other old 6.0 toolkits I'm sure my PC would be hosed. Luckily installing older versions of LabVIEW don't take as long as they use to. So installing 6.0, then 6.1, then 7.0, then 7.1 probably take just as much time combined as it would to b
  11. Cat's really suck at tug-of-war, if that was 3 dogs they would be constantly pulling in all 3 directions, not just holding a mouthful and growling. Not that I'm trying to do any cat bashing, I just thought the video could have been 4 minutes shorter and it still would have been as interesting.
  12. Yeah Crelf that's what I was talking about, never done it my self but I figured someone here would know what I was trying to say.
  13. I've never had much success with the whole Scale Front Panel Objects (inside Window Size of VI Properties). Things end up not looking right after scaling and stretching. I'm not sure how to do this but I head a good solution is to design your application with multiple resolutions. Like 1024 X 768, 1280 X 720, and 1280 X 800, then have your code switch between them when resizing. It limits the user alot on their choices but at least it will look the way you want in those resolutions.
  14. As asbo said we use VirtualPC for our VMs, but I prefer VMWare. It's not free but has good USB support. I haven't tested it with that many USB devices, but everyone I tried works fine. Mostly just USB mice, and mass storage devices. You just run your VMWare, then I think Tools and connect USB device. It lists the devices in your host PC that you want to share to your guest VM PC. VMWare does have alot of extra services that bogs down Windows, while Virtual PC in comparison has alot less overhead.
  15. Does anyone else feel bad for the the sheep? Constantly running around being chased by dogs and people.
  16. "'It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times?' you stupid monkey"
  17. Yeah it's a nice little reward, much better than that internet money that my bank wouldn't take. http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/165195
  18. I tried that with the wife last night, oddly enough she brought me a sandwich...but she stood there and watched me eat it...it tasted off but I said thank you.
  19. Wow quite a tangent we went on, sorry I showed up to the party late. I love Futurama too, which is why I'm excited for the new season that Comedy Central said they would pick up in mid 2010. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futurama#Revival The movies were pretty good, but I kinda like them broken up into the 30 minute shows I'm use to. It's difficult to go from a show that just has to fill 30 minutes with jokes, to a 90 minute movie. Family Guy, and The Simpsons had this problem, and each did pretty well but I don't think either did as well as it's creators would have hoped with the following
  20. My method of preventing unwanted restarts? Don't install windows updates unless I don't mind the random restart. Basically I won't install updates until I'm not work, and by that I mean I'm at home, or on lunch. I have the same practices at home, I see that little yellow thing in my system tray but I'm not going to install any updates until I'm good and ready. I realize this could leave me at a security risk for the few days possibly weeks that I don't update but it's either that or roll the dice on when my computer may restart. I love it when you're doing a presentation and the little dial
  21. For some reason I imagined a NI employee randomly reading LAVA and being like "Oh I knew I forgot something" and frantically writing code.
  22. Did you also find Tetris? I forget what it's called and my example finder is crapping out on me. I remember it was under the Building User Interface, and getting input or some thing. And I think it was called puzzle something. It's not the same as this one. http://zone.ni.com/d...a/epd/p/id/3503 EDIT: The example finder Tetris is called "Keyboard Puzzle Game" and I know it is in 7.1 and up, not sure when it first appeared.
  23. That is a thirsty cat...I don't know about you but my head would get cold and I would try something else.
  24. I use Outlook 2007 (duh) and don't delete posts. I just read the ones that interest me that are new (going from the last one I read) and when I'm done mark all as read if there are any. I tend to get doubles, and old posts but I haven't noticed missing any new ones, so as long as I mark them all as read when I read them all there isn't a problem.
  25. hooovahh


    That makes alot more sense than what I was thinking, thanks. Having never used a large touch screen for development I didn't know what the problem would be. Of course I've used a touch screen in a integration environment, but by then the UI would have been designed for a touch screen (big buttons).
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