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  1. Yeah it's a nice little reward, much better than that internet money that my bank wouldn't take. http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/165195
  2. I tried that with the wife last night, oddly enough she brought me a sandwich...but she stood there and watched me eat it...it tasted off but I said thank you.
  3. Wow quite a tangent we went on, sorry I showed up to the party late. I love Futurama too, which is why I'm excited for the new season that Comedy Central said they would pick up in mid 2010. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futurama#Revival The movies were pretty good, but I kinda like them broken up into the 30 minute shows I'm use to. It's difficult to go from a show that just has to fill 30 minutes with jokes, to a 90 minute movie. Family Guy, and The Simpsons had this problem, and each did pretty well but I don't think either did as well as it's creators would have hoped with the following each has.
  4. My method of preventing unwanted restarts? Don't install windows updates unless I don't mind the random restart. Basically I won't install updates until I'm not work, and by that I mean I'm at home, or on lunch. I have the same practices at home, I see that little yellow thing in my system tray but I'm not going to install any updates until I'm good and ready. I realize this could leave me at a security risk for the few days possibly weeks that I don't update but it's either that or roll the dice on when my computer may restart. I love it when you're doing a presentation and the little dialog comes up saying "Restart Now or Restart Later?" and the progress bar starts moving towards restart now so you hit later, just to wait a few minutes and have it pop up again, and again, and again, and again. Only happened to me once while in a college class so it wasn't like in front of a customer or any thing.
  5. For some reason I imagined a NI employee randomly reading LAVA and being like "Oh I knew I forgot something" and frantically writing code.
  6. Did you also find Tetris? I forget what it's called and my example finder is crapping out on me. I remember it was under the Building User Interface, and getting input or some thing. And I think it was called puzzle something. It's not the same as this one. http://zone.ni.com/d...a/epd/p/id/3503 EDIT: The example finder Tetris is called "Keyboard Puzzle Game" and I know it is in 7.1 and up, not sure when it first appeared.
  7. That is a thirsty cat...I don't know about you but my head would get cold and I would try something else.
  8. I use Outlook 2007 (duh) and don't delete posts. I just read the ones that interest me that are new (going from the last one I read) and when I'm done mark all as read if there are any. I tend to get doubles, and old posts but I haven't noticed missing any new ones, so as long as I mark them all as read when I read them all there isn't a problem.
  9. hooovahh


    That makes alot more sense than what I was thinking, thanks. Having never used a large touch screen for development I didn't know what the problem would be. Of course I've used a touch screen in a integration environment, but by then the UI would have been designed for a touch screen (big buttons).
  10. hooovahh


    I can see how I would get frustrated, but maybe if the multi-touch had alot of comparability. Like say if I use two fingers it is a right click, or three fingers (middle, pointer, thumb?) I guess that could lead to other issues like accidentally resting a finger on the surface as I was dragging some thing may appear as a right click.
  11. Yeah no I understand I wasn't trying to say this is the only option and everyone must use an Xbox for their media center needs. I dabbled a bit with building my own HTPC. I wanted to make one out of a miniITX, or PicoITX board. I think a great site for ideas is http://www.mini-itx.com/ they have all kinds of odd projects people have done putting PCs in just about every thing.
  12. Very cool, I know internally we had a multilingual tool but it was only used once or twice, it isn't often we need to write interfaces. This looks much more refined.
  13. Yeah I use a Xbox 360 for media browsing. I'm not sure if it is classified as a HTPC or not. I like your solution but it's hard to beat a 360 for $200 you get all you need to be connected to a HDMI supported tv, and content sent via a ethernet connection. If you want the wireless route it's like an extra $100 for the official adapter but for me wired is fine. The interface for browsing media isn't the greatest but I have it broken up into a directory structure for videos, and music supports playlists. Also using TVersity you can stream any video/audio source in any resolution and have it converted to what the 360 supports on the fly. TVersity also supports streaming podcasts, youtube and hulu (pro version for hulu). And did I mention the 360 is a 360? and plays original xbox games (that are like $5-10 used). The 360 also supports streaming media through netflix (if you are a gold member). And soon it will have integration for Last.fm, twitter, and facebook. ...no I don't work for Microsoft...
  14. hooovahh


    ...I doubt the profanity filter works on pictures
  15. hooovahh

    Slap Chop

    Yeah so we were discussing a autotune , and it reminded me of the original slap chop video of Vince Shlami. Figured it'd be good for a few laughs.
  16. Nope didn't see that it works fine thanks. Any idea why NI doesn't make a better native browse for folder dialog?
  17. Wow very nice, I always just use the built in LabVIEW browse for folder, but it's not always intuitive for people new to LabVIEW applications. I played around a bit with your vi and it acted strange when I changed the root to anything other than Desktop. If I made root Fonts for example and ran it, the vi would run and complete but no dialog would come up, then LabVIEW wouldn't allow me to run it again, or change any other controls, I am forced to restart LabVIEW. Running 8.20, or 8.6 in XP SP3.
  18. Yeah, watch it or I'll start dropping F bombs here, FART YOU you farter, go fart your selves.
  19. Very clever poem but I couldn't bring my self to finishing it, just messed with my head too much, and I'm no critically acclaimed wordsmith or anything. I can't imagine what it must be like for an English professor to read that.
  20. Yeah I wish VIPM supported making packages with post install, and post uninstall hooks but it doesn't. If you want to manually make your own package that performs these operations I'd say look at the oglib_lvzip to get an idea on how to do it. Rename the .ogp package to .zip, uncompress it, and take a look at the text file in the root to get an idea on how to perform a post install, or post uninstall. Assuming you've already done that and have a post install VI that works, I don't know how you could get information like the directory that the package exists in. Once you get that VI running if nothing else you could ask the user to browse to the package.
  21. This isn't really the right tread for this but why don't you use the RSS feature? Not that the RSS is 100% right now, but it doesn't miss content, it just some times adds old content. I use outlook for my RSS reader, but a better solution for you might be Google reader. It's an in browser RSS reader that is linked to your gmail account. So if you read some RSS at work then go home it will show that you read those articles. reader.google.com
  22. I was going to say that I've never had dog or cat but I started thinking, maybe I have and I didn't know it. But then I made the connection that maybe I've never had cow or chicken, maybe I've been feed artificial meat my whole life, or maybe every time I was feed chicken it was really pork just modified to taste like chicken. I guess the only thing I'm sure I've had is frog legs, pork, and I'm pretty sure I've had deer. I know I've had frog (watched it get cooked) and my father-in-law had a pig that he had killed so I know I've had that. And my dad shot a deer and had it processed. I didn't watch it get processed so I can't say for certain that what we ate was deer.
  23. Here's some info on the post build hook. http://forums.jkisoft.com/index.php?showtopic=839 I don't know if there is similar hooks for post install. I didn't know that VIPM supported post install hooks, are you sure you mean post install? Remember that the post build VI does not get brought to the front, or focused when it is ran, so if there is some user interaction you'll need to use a Windows DLL to bring it into focus.
  24. I'm really more of a dog person...hey wait a second!
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