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  1. I expected it to mean something in Japanese...this all has nothing to do with controlling electrons anymore.
  2. Yeah I didn't get offended but I know some people do. Even so it was a bad example, because you should have googled "what does kamahamaha mean" or "translate kamahamaha". And I did google it before posting, just out of curiosity and there wasn't an obvious answer.
  3. Kamehame....wonder if that translates to any thing.
  4. hooovahh


    Anyone else click the !@#$% link expecting something to happen? Yeah this is a downfall of LabVIEW for sure. When I was first learning LabVIEW I would make a cool small application that didn't serve much of a purpose. But I couldn't easily share it with friends because of the runtime engine issue. I do think 62MB is a little extreme, what version of LabVIEW was it built in? I have the LabVIEW 7.1 runtime at 11MB zipped with normal compression levels. But that's still too big for most email servers, I think many are at a 10MB limit, while I know gmail is 20MB. Posting this zip would be illega
  5. They make for cheap gifts, say when is the work Christmas party again
  6. I love black friday but I usually only go for a few hours getting the few deals that appeal to me. Last year I got a 19'' LCD monitor for $100. Now I can find them that price used or refurbished but not new. I also got a 42'' 1080P LCD tv for $450 (after wal-mart discount). Is there anyone else that just goes to ArtVan for the free gift? They had a snake light one year, and some tupperware one year, and I think some throw pillows and blankets another year.
  7. As of this morning I've noticed that in my RSS reader (Outlook 07) doesn't seem to work correctly with the "View Article" link. If I click on "View Article" on the bottom of the post it doesn't take me to the post but instead the main page of the forum. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. But the "Click to reply directly to this post" link does work. So this morning to go to the article I've been clicking the reply link, and then canceling my reply in the browser. BTW if it matters XP SP3 Firefox 3.5.3
  8. I can't tell you how many times I listened to that before I realized it was a loop...but it was too long Kinda reminds me of lamma lamma duck.
  9. I really don't want to come across as mean, but you say you've been learning LabVIEW for a few weeks, and you say you can do alot of the problems in the book...but you didn't change the state of the boolean in your sequence structure. You may want to review some of the chapters you've gone through and play around with some of the VIs you've already made. One pitfall of using a book is that you might just be going through the motions, putting down components and wiring them up without understanding how the code works. To get the result you're looking for wire a True or a False to the boolean i
  10. When ever obstruficated code is given to a student for a homework assignment, I always assume they just hand it in anyway and come up with an excuse to the teacher on why they did it that way, if they even look at the block diagram. And if they don't look at the block diagram then they someone like Ken could turn in the password protected code anyway. I never had a LabVIEW class but for Java we had to printout the source as well and send it in. I know of several ways to print out LabVIEW source but none seem like a good idea. But I do appreciate obstruficated code, especially when I can't un
  11. Could talk about Magnetic Levitation, and how it applies to trains or other technologies. I know they have small toys for demonstrating this property. I didn't think bringing in water would be a good idea, could be messy. But if you don't mind messy how bout Diet Coke and Mentos? You could explain why it works (I recommend the Mythbuster's theories). You could basically take any episode of Mythbusters and break it down into some experiment. If we want dangerous what about a Tesla Coil? That's kinda more electronics but I'm sure physics works in somehow.
  12. On my machine I can kill all LabVIEW.exe (just a test) with the following wired into the system exec. taskkill /f /im labview.exe /t but as suggested before I've seen some places where Start has to be used before the command, like: Start taskkill /f /im...
  13. Here's a tutorial explaining how to install OSX in VMWare http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Vmware_how_to I've tried it, but it was so painfully slow at the time that it was unusable.
  14. I made an Alien Attack game...boy was it lame. I don't know where the source is any more. I also made a Hand Game that we use to play between classes.
  15. I'm having issues with adding attachments to an already existing post. I think the issue is going into the full editor on an existing post. In Firefox 3.5 in Windows XP SP3, I click Edit on the post, and it goes into the simple edit mode, which doesn't allow you to upload attachments. So I click on Use Full Editor, but it never goes into the full edit mode. In IE 7 (still XP SP3) when I click on Use Full Editor nothing happens, and in the lower left it says "Error on Page". Is there any other way to add an attachment to an exiting post?
  16. Yeah I actually have one but last I knew VIPC files were version specific, so if I posted the vipc for 7.1 people trying to open it with 8.0 would need to manually install the packages anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also I had issues adding attachments to an edited post. In both FF 3.5 and IE 7.
  17. I may but I don't think it's mature enough. It has only been tested on XP, doesn't abort VIs opened in projects, uses AutoIt to perform certain tasks, and uses a LabWindows/CVI ActiveX to create the tray icon. If these things could be fixed, so that it uses purly LabVIEW and maybe a .NET for the tray icon I will definitely post it in the CR. But for now I just want an opinion of the features and possible bugs.
  18. So here's a personal project I've been working on for a little while. Basically it's a LabVIEW version launcher, with a few other useful features. I developed this for my own benefit, and it has helped with my productivity, if you don't like it or think it's unnecessary that's fine you're welcome to give your opinion, but I find it useful and for that reason I'm putting it out there for others to try. What this program does is adds a icon in your system tray (by the clock) that you can right click, and launch any version of LabVIEW installed. If you try to launch a version of LabVIEW that is
  19. Wow this is nice. I hope you don't mind (I'm not trying to one up you), but I've modified your code to work with control references. So all you need to do is pass it a reference to your string, and the width you want it to be. You don't need to input the font size and type. Word Wrapping Hooovahh edit.vi Example Hooovahh Edit.vi
  20. One other thing I forgot to mention. I use the Gimp, but I don't install it. Last time I knew the GIMP needed to first have some GTK runtime install first, which took a while to install, then you install GIMP and then it took a long time to start and took alot of resources. But what I do, is just run the Portable version of GIMP. It's just an EXE with a few folders for user preference, and config settings. So it's free and you can try it out in a manner of a few minutes.
  21. That's probably the best solution, I just wanted a way to penalize the user if they click too early. I suppose you could still do that with a mouse down event when grayed out.
  22. Wow and when I thought my productivity couldn't get any lower with Wikipedia, Youtube, and Digg combined. Just don't tell my....oh. But seriously I don't think I've played any online games (like in browser) in several years. There's just so much interesting things going on, on the internet that games aren't as interesting as the latest updates from some of the projects I'm following. "Would you like to play a game?" Definitely before my time, but wasn't Ally Sheedy hot in that movie?
  23. I've found a little gem that I've never really had a need for called "Longest Line Length in Pixels". Basically it tells you the width of a string control/indicator based on its font, and font size. It's located in the vi.lib in at least version 8.2. LabVIEW XX\vi.lib\Utility\error.llb\Longest Line Length in Pixels.vi With this you could tell if your length is too long, then remove a word from the end of the line and put it on the next line until it fits your width.
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