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  1. QUOTE(Wiebe@CARYA @ May 16 2007, 12:19 PM) Okay I don't want to turn this into a BartPE thread so I won't, but I will answer your question as briefly as possible. A while back, when XP was still in beta, a guy named Bart Lagerweij realized that during the normal XP install it kinda goes into a "Pre-Install Environment" where you have mouse and keyboard detection (this is the part of the install where you give it the serial number and other information) he realized by taking the right files from the installer CD he could have a machine boot to a live environment which was a preinstall envi
  2. I don't own a mac but a friend of mine does, he dual boots with boot camp. I don't see how there would be any problems with running LabVIEW inside windows while on a mac. I mean windows doesn't know it's running on a mac, it just looks for an x86 architecture and drivers to control hardware, as long as it has these things I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  3. Yes also the NI Example Finder has a couple email examples but you can't find them by searching for email. Under tasks it is found by going to Networking, then Internet & Web.
  4. QUOTE(crelf @ May 11 2007, 09:34 AM) No it's okay I just won't speak any more.
  5. Wow this is fricken amazing. I had no idea that this kind of thing existed. But yes it is kinda odd that NI would allow such a thing. Maybe NI makes most of their profit off of the hardware. I mean LabVIEW isn't the best programming language unless you add on all the DAQ, and Real-Time Embedded support that NI gives it with the hardware that they provide. I'm in the process of trying it out right now, I'm really curious to see how fast it runs. I mean the concept of running a virtual machine over the internet is not a new concept. I can't seem to find the link now, but there is a versio
  6. QUOTE(Wiebe@CARYA @ May 8 2007, 11:33 AM) BartPE is Free and Legal when used properly (you would be using it properly) BartPE is not owned by Microsoft. I think you are getting WinPE and BartPE mixed up. If you're interested here's the BartPE home page. http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/''>http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/' target="_blank">http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/ But as I mentioned earlier BartPE probably wouldn't work because of the ethernet drivers issue. BartPE would need the drivers for the specific ethernet card. Usually this is done by running a small utility from within Windo
  7. I'm not trying to flame you but isn't rule number 1 of LabVIEW to have data flow from left to right? Maybe you were in a hurry, but I found it difficult to understand what was happening in your VI because information didn't flow. Also there were no comments. What is Count? is it simply the number of rows in the array? What is Count good for? What version of LabVIEW was it made with? Why is there a random constant of "0" in the middle of the while loop which isn't wired to any thing? Answering any of these would be greatly appriciated. I'd also be glad to show you where you code could
  8. QUOTE(crelf @ May 4 2007, 12:53 PM) Not necessarily, I am very cautious about posting here.
  9. QUOTE(dannyt @ May 2 2007, 06:41 AM) I know what you mean, at other forums I don't mind being funny, and kinda poking at people in a non threatning way (like making fun of crelf because he would know I'm kidding) But here I feel nervous about every thing I post, (being fairly new here doesn't help either) but crelf assured me, just read the Guidelines http://wiki.lavag.org/index.php/Forum_Guidelines''>http://wiki.lavag.org/index.php/Forum_Guidelines' target="_blank">http://wiki.lavag.org/index.php/Forum_Guidelines and if you don't break any of the rules feel free to post. Of cours
  10. Yes the easiest (and ugliest) solution I would suggest, is similar to what you said. If the machine you are plugging it into is very controlled, meaning you're not constantly plugging USB drives, and installing new drives, I guess you could have it in a while loop, trying to get the file size of say F:\autorun.inf or some thing on the USB drive. It would return an error until the drive and file exists. That would be wasting alot of resources even if the while loop only ran once a second. It would have to be event driven since it could go hours, or days before being plugged in. Also anot
  11. I must say I'm quite impressed (it happens alot) I was trying to find a way to trim MP3 files (cut off 6seconds from the beginning) and was hoping your code could help me, but I see it basically uses alot of Call Library Function Nodes. Also I had it crash several times even with LabVIEW 7.1. If I opened LabVIEW and told it to open the VI it would crash. But if I double clicked the file (when LabVIEW wasn't running) it would open LabVIEW and the VI properly.
  12. Okay after I pretty much already have a set up done I realize it won't work for you. My idea was to take a PreInstall environment, based on BartPE, where you would create a live OS which was around 80MB. You could then load that 80MB into ram and run any LabVIEW executable with it. The problem is at 80MB there aren't very many drivers, it would likely not have any audio, dial-up, wireless, very limited ethernet drivers, but it would have SATA drives, and USB mass storage drivers. So I was going to include this program for you to include the ethernet drivers in the package. So basically y
  13. QUOTE(Bryan @ Apr 16 2007, 03:00 AM) I'll make a how to in a little bit here but I have some questions about exactly what you are trying to accomplish with this. I realize what you want to do, but I would like to know why. From what I gather you want to run a compiled LabVIEW executable on several machines at once, and they will be connected through a network. Why do you want it to be running in RAM? These machines you want to run the exe on, do they have a Windows operating system? What version of LabVIEW was used to make the compiled exe? I ask these things because, if these ma
  14. QUOTE(crelf @ Apr 14 2007, 01:37 PM) Oh you're only saying that because you work for some big hot shot company that NI cares about. Me speaking from no experience what so ever of course. //Yes I know, I know
  15. Okay I did some quick testing. I was able to boot a windows like OS into ram, and run a LabVIEW 6.1 compiled file. This "windows like" os is actually BartPE but it contains the Explorer shell so it looks very much like windows. It also contains every thing you should need to run what you'd like. It has notepad, wordpad, 7-zip, CD burner program, regedit, task manager, and a couple others. It should also still have network abilities (I tested it in a virtual machine so I can't be sure) I also whipped up some files that would be used for the Run Time Engine and what do you know it worked.
  16. Yeah sorry it appears that the site is down for now. While I don't have much spare time lately I'd be glad to help out in using my AIO if some one needs help with it.
  17. I'm really into live operating systems similar to DSL. I like Bart PE and Reatogo XPE much more than a linux distro because it basically is windows. Using a AIO I made you can make a live operating system which is about 80MB that gets loaded into ram at boot up and you will basically boot a limited version of XP into ram. You could simply add on to that 80MB your executable and the LabVIEW run time. and it should work just fine. Some links to download my AIO are here http://www.easy-sharing.com/363694/BartPEAIO.exe.html or http://dl2.filehd.com/download.php?get=729128109 or http://ww
  18. Yeah your method worked fine, I downloaded ImageMagick and used it's command line utility to convert it to a .bmp file then I was able to display it. I used this method because then I can still manipulate the picture control if I need to.
  19. Hello all, I have a question. I'm looking to display a .ico file which is an icon, on the front panel of a VI, inside a picture control. I seen that there is a Read JPG from File and Read BMP from File which can do exactly what I want but it won't accept .ico files. I've thought about opening an ActiveX object with a web browser to display the icon but I'm not satisified with how it looks. Also this needs to be dynamic, so a copy and paste into the front panel won't cut it. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Disco? ...sorry before my time (I'm young I know)
  21. Yeah never had quantum mechanics but I'm sure it's like NASCAR. when ever some thing weird happens and their interviewing the driver they ramble on and on about stuff then they usually say "well that's racing for you" I think that explanation should be used on many things in life. "why is 2 + 2 =5?" "well that's quantum mechanics for you" "Why is the sky blue?" "Well that's nature for you" (I could go on)
  22. Yeah sorry about that. I just found so many quotes I like I just kept adding more. @Peteski I agree 2 + 2 = 5 should be for medium values of 2 right?
  23. WOW really are you seri...oh...right :headbang:
  24. "Pi is exactly 3! Sorry I had to do that" There are plenty of other decent web browsers out there. Opera isn't bad either I just don't use it much. But there are a ton of options people use what they like, I like firefox. With extensions, and themes, tabs, and other cool add ons it seems right for me. Does this forum have polls? why doesn't some one just open one and see what the percentage is. Given this will only be a percent of people who feel like voting.
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