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  1. QUOTE(alfa @ Nov 27 2007, 02:24 AM) My cat's breath smells like cat food.
  2. Looking at the NI forum I see that older version of the run-time engine can be installed silently using this command. lvrteinstall.exe /q Not sure if this works for the newer ones. If it doesn't I recommend using a scripting language (like AutoIt3) to run the installer, and press the return character until the installer starts. I don't know of a method to check for run-time engines using html or php.
  3. I don't know about any one else's situation, but if I develop code for money I no longer own the code. The code can be distributed by the people who own the code, the people who paid me to develop it. And since I no longer own it, I can't post it on some community based site (like this lovely one)
  4. I may not know much about it but I don't think the writers should see a kick back from downloads from itunes or where ever. Maybe I'm misinformed (happens more than you'd think) but aren't the writers getting paid for a service? I thought the writers were getting paid to write for a show. But they don't own the show, they shouldn't see any thing out of it right? Maybe there is some thing in the contract that I'm not aware of which gives the writers some ownership, I have no idea. If there's not any thing in the contract then the writers should stop striking, and when ever doing new work they should make sure that they keep some ownership, ensuring some royalties.
  5. This may show my LabVIEW immaturity but I didn't know that operation existed. Previously I would convert the numbers to strings, concatenate the strings, then convert back to the number.
  6. Well...that was unexpected. And it was about 4 minutes too long.
  7. In my experience VMWare is the better tool to use. I don't know how Virtual PC has been upgraded but I know that VMWare allows to have virtualized number of processors, it allows for 64-bit OSs, virtualized hardware, use of actual hardware such as USB devices, fully working graphics, audio, and networking too. Virtual PC never worked too well for me. I couldn't even get it to use an ISO image for a CD rom if the image was more than a gig or so. Of course any virtual machine will take quite a bit of system resources but with most newer computers you shouldn't notice much of a dip in speed. I mean having an XP machine with a 3GHz and 2GB of ram, running a virtual machine with windows 98 with LabVIEW 5.x only using 64MB of ram shouldn't take too much speed from the over all experience.
  8. At my engineering college, which takes 4.5-5 years, an electrical engineer is only required to have one course on programming, and it's Java; yeah we're kinda weird like that. My college also has LabVIEW in some of the labs, but it's version 6.1 and it takes some getting used to if you've never used that version. I totally agree about older versions of LabVIEW, they should be free. I'm sure NI would find it difficult to support all these free users but it probably would drive up business. But how far back should be free? 6.1? 7.0? 7.1? 8.0? or 8.20? I don't think the LV runtime will be built into any OS soon, but NI should at least support a non installed runtime for LabVIEW executables. That trick with putting the right dlls in the right directories worked for older version of LabVIEW, but don't work with 8.0 and newer.
  9. In Java2 I had to write a program similar to this with the prime numbers and I did it the same way Justin suggested. As for how many 1's, or 2's or 3's are rolled, there is an OpenG sub-VI in the array tools which is search array, and it will return the indices in an array form. You could search the array for "1" and the size of the array of indices out is the number of 1's that are in the array. (I hope this is easily understandable)
  10. I guess the answer is, it depends on who you ask. Just like when asked what "Pi" is. Mathematician: Pi is the number expressing the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. Physicist: Pi is 3.1415927plus or minus 0.000000005 Engineer: Pi is about 3, but I'd use 4 just to be safe. Betty Crocker: Pi is what you poke holes in with a fork and then leave on the window sill to cool off. Business Man: Pi is desert is it not? Computer Programmer: Pi is 3.141592653589 in double precision.
  11. "Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it" --Homer Simpson But seriously not that long ago it was a valid question to ask "How many angels can fit on the head of a pin"
  12. Also Alcohol 120% has a command line utility, but it's not free. Glad you found a solution.
  13. QUOTE(Dirk J. @ Jun 27 2007, 05:50 AM) DING DING DING, we have a winner folks, no need to expand on this thread further. EDIT: I don't know if your I64 indicator can hold infinity, I would recommend using an indicator like this. Here it can also contain the size of God to a decimal place too. But it's murder on your system's memory.
  14. I just got done reading through the previous 18 pages, and I must say I respect alfa for his contribution to the forum and the LabVIEW community, but seriously most of his posts appear to be pushing his own agenda, and are random steaming of consciousness. This is not flaming this is fact. I posted a thing on parallel universes because I assumed this thread was still about the 5th dimension. We've gone from that to being animals, prostitution, world leaders, aliens, the end of days, I can't even make sense of most of alfa's posts. QUOTE What does that even mean? Why would prostitutes need bullets? Why would they use stones against wise people? "I said that not a Chinese" What? I have four questions on that single sentence alone, and every post is like that. QUOTE this means I was right, the parallel universe is very close to us; we will feel it soon! What makes you think we can "feel" parallel universes? (if they exist) Since this thread seems to be WAY off topic, I'm just going to leave it alone. (you may continue to pick apart every thing I said now)
  15. Some one should make a video montage of people crossing traffic, with the Benny Hill theme song. For those of you that are deprived and don't know what I'm talking about, here's a nice montage some one made with the war of the worlds (never seen it) Youtube also has the shows ending music without the war of the worlds, that is found here.
  16. So I don't like to think that I can add any thing to this discussion on my own. Talking about basic concepts of a 5th dimension I can handle, but it starts to get a little crazy when you're talking about the super string theory. So some one at another forum, that I'm a member of, posted a video from the BBC which discusses parallel universes. Found here. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4183875433858020781 But it goes farther than just saying "oh yeah by the way there are an infinite parallel universes where you win the lottery" while that would be cool. This video is kinda long, 45 minutes, but very informing. I don't know if any of the theories it talks about are real, but I would still like to be informed about these ideas, so that when some one mentions the M theory I at least know what it is. This video does talk about multiple dimensions (up to 11), the super string theory, the M theory, the multiverse, and how our universe was created (supposedly).
  17. There is no emoticon which conveys my astonishment.
  18. I have never discovered a programming language that can do what I need it to do, and be as quick, and easy to use as LabVIEW. No language is perfect, but for me and what I need from a programming language, LabVIEW is the only choice. And when ever any one questions LabVIEW's abilities, I always ask them to write a Hello World program, in LabVIEW it takes me less than 15 seconds to create and run a hello world program. Some languages would take longer than 15 seconds just to compile it. Also it's troubleshooting abilities are amazing. I learned to program with LabVIEW, then when I went to Java I had a huge difficulty in finding where problems were. With LabVIEW just highlight execution and you can see exactly what is happening.
  19. hooovahh


    QUOTE(crelf @ Jun 2 2007, 05:14 PM) Yeah you actually have to pay to download. I'm not a member of that highly illigal service but I was curious and found it cost money. It is very discouraging having people not spelling LabVIEW correctly. I'm not a big stickler on capitalization, but that would be like trying to say Java but saying Lava. People would definatly get confused if they were searching Lava and got directed here on accident.
  20. QUOTE(Wiebe@CARYA @ May 16 2007, 12:19 PM) Okay I don't want to turn this into a BartPE thread so I won't, but I will answer your question as briefly as possible. A while back, when XP was still in beta, a guy named Bart Lagerweij realized that during the normal XP install it kinda goes into a "Pre-Install Environment" where you have mouse and keyboard detection (this is the part of the install where you give it the serial number and other information) he realized by taking the right files from the installer CD he could have a machine boot to a live environment which was a preinstall environment where the user has HD detection, mouse keyboard monitor, and other basic functions. He made a program that would automate creating this Live environment and called it PEBuilder. PEBuilder would basically make BartPE from a XP (or Windows 2003) installation CD. This environment is very limited, it doesn't look like XP at all, it just has the basic funcitonality of XP. He then made plugins which make BartPE look and act more like XP. There's been several different spin offs of BartPE with Bart's permission, Reatogo, Winbuilder, and several others which are built around BartPE. As for the legality. The basic rule of thumb is, if you own a legal copy of XP you can legally make a backup copy incase your original is damaged. Because of this you can make legal copies of XP system files, you CANNOT however make tons of BartPE CDs and give them to all your friends (legally) it would be like giveing them copies of Microsoft software. So giving it to others is bad, but using it your self can also be kinda hazy. I am not a lawer and have no legal back ground. So any thing I say about the law could be completely wrong. Because of that I don't want to say what is fair use on a personal level. For system rescue on a few of your own personal computers BartPE should be fine. But making it the primary OS for 500 computers! I can't see how Microsoft would approve of that. There are actually limitations on some of the XP install files that say after 24 hours of being on it will turn the computer off. Kind of a bummer but it prevents people from making BartPE the primary OS (there are work arounds but non that are legal that I know of) For more legal discussion of BartPE go here. http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...ost&p=56546 If you're still confused send Bart an email, in my experience he's very friendly, and has even helped my company with random questions we had about DOS boot ables a while back.
  21. I don't own a mac but a friend of mine does, he dual boots with boot camp. I don't see how there would be any problems with running LabVIEW inside windows while on a mac. I mean windows doesn't know it's running on a mac, it just looks for an x86 architecture and drivers to control hardware, as long as it has these things I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  22. Yes also the NI Example Finder has a couple email examples but you can't find them by searching for email. Under tasks it is found by going to Networking, then Internet & Web.
  23. QUOTE(crelf @ May 11 2007, 09:34 AM) No it's okay I just won't speak any more.
  24. Wow this is fricken amazing. I had no idea that this kind of thing existed. But yes it is kinda odd that NI would allow such a thing. Maybe NI makes most of their profit off of the hardware. I mean LabVIEW isn't the best programming language unless you add on all the DAQ, and Real-Time Embedded support that NI gives it with the hardware that they provide. I'm in the process of trying it out right now, I'm really curious to see how fast it runs. I mean the concept of running a virtual machine over the internet is not a new concept. I can't seem to find the link now, but there is a version of Linux that you can run from within a browser, but it's not free so I never tried it.
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