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  1. Thanks alot, I just re-uploaded my zip.
  2. File Name: Windows Environment Variable Reader Writer File Submitter: hooovahh File Submitted: 30 Oct 2006 File Updated: 2 Nov 2006 File Category: General Purpose: This Vi was made so that you can easily view and create environment variables from within Windows XP. Features: You are able to read all environment variables which you have available to you at the command prompt by typing "set". It also can write environment variables by writing them to the registry in the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Environment Also for added safty it will check the name you are trying to use,
  3. Yes I can see the page but it says "We're sorry, but your last request produced the following error: We could not find the file specified"
  4. Hello all, I recently submitted some code to be in the code repository but it was rejected for a very minor issue. My question is this, to re-submit do I have to start all over with the submission process. Or can I simply upload a new .zip file with the fixed code? I tried looking around for a place to re-upload my zip but I couldn't find any thing. I looked in my control panel, and in the section of the code repository that I submitted my code to. Thanks.
  5. hooovahh

    Hello All

    Hello all, I'm hooovahh or the hoove. I'm a member of a couple other forums, none of which are labview based until now. Chris gave me the link to this place and said I should join, little did I realize he as the 2nd most posts of any one. I've been using labview at work for a couple years now but I enjoy just making programs with it on my own. Uh let me see what else is there, I'm 20 and married to my high school sweet heart. And no we don't have any kids. I'm going to college to be an electrical engineer, and my wife is going to become a teacher. We live in Michigan around the flint a
  6. Wow good going chris, I almost feel proud to work for you. (insert sarcasm here) But seriously good going now if only you had more posts than the Admin only about 160 more to go.
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