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  1. Yup hit this issue today, "Generic File IO Error" I think Error code 6. You'd think 260 - 1 would be a long enough limit, but there are several cases around the office that hit that limit.
  2. Yes and no, not be confusing. Using the Application Builder software (included in the professional version of LabVIEW) you can build your program into an installer, this installer can be installed on any Windows based operating system, and then your program can run from the start menu, which the installer makes a shortcut for. The installer that you build will be alot larger than you expect it should be. For a hello world program it may be 20MB or so. This is because in the installer is also the LabVIEW run-time engine which is needed to run any LabVIEW application. With the Application Builder software you can build just an application, which will result in a few hundred kilobytes in file size for a .exe file of hello world. BUT this exe file can only run on a computer which has that version of LabVIEW's run-time engine installed. You can download all the different versions of the LabVIEW run time engine for free from NI's website. If you really want to get tricky, there is a way for smaller exe files (the ones that aren't installers) to run on a computer without the run-time engine installed, but it only works for LabVIEW 7.1 and older, and you can find information about that here. http://forums.lavag.org/Runtimeless-Instal...tions-t122.html
  3. I don't have a perfect example on how to do this, but I do have the Property Nodes that might help you. Using the property node in this picture I can programatically change the font style, size, and color, of part of a text string. I would suggest setting the string to a constant like the following: QUOTE Then you could set each section to be bold or not, like from 0 to 14 is bold 15 to 17 is not bold, 18 to 27 is bold, and so on (my numbers may be off). Then the user can type in plain, while the headings will be in bold. Hope this helps.
  4. Ad? Oh that is an auto generated response to put ads on the site (to help pay for the cost of this forum) I don't know where the advanced search is. I know that most forums created with invision free have the advanced search feature that you mentioned but I don't see it here. A topic was created a while ago mentioning that the search on this forum "SUCKS" that topic is here. http://forums.lavag.org/LAVA-Search-still-SUCKS-t11799.html
  5. I was kinda hoping this would be a scripting VI which scan a set of VIs and locate all the misspelled words, now that I would use on every VI I made. But that wouldn't fit into your "quick and dirty" definition. This is still a cool program without the scripting feature.
  6. Yeah for some reason I don't think that Firefox caches the icon for bookmarks right away. At first none of my bookmarks have icons, but then slowly they start to appear.
  7. hooovahh

    USB in Labview 6

    Wow I don't think I can help but could you clarify a little please. QUOTE Do you mean, have LabVIEW interact with a USB device? What kind of USB device, USB camera, NI-USB DAQ device? USB thumb drive? Do you mean running LabVIEW from the USB drive? Do you mean as a development system? Do you mean running a LabVIEW executable? Do I ask too many questions?
  8. I don't remember the exact verbiage but here it goes: "Oh brain thank you so much how can I ever repay you" - Homer "Just don't hit your head when getting in the car" - Homer's Brain thud "Sorry" - Homer And "Shut up brain or I'll stab you with a Q-tip" - Homer
  9. I didn't mean to hijack this thread into The Simpsons, I just wanted to come up with some Simpsons quotes that were relevant to Lava.
  10. "Actually, when Lava is underground it's called Magma." - Chloe Talbot "You're so smart." - Lisa Simpson "This lava is not a criminal, it hasn't hurt anybody :a man screams in pain: Anybody I know!" - Chief Wiggum
  11. I've used Ghost 8, 9, 10, Acronis True Image 8, 9, Power Quest Drive Image, and SelfImage. I recommend Ghost 8 out of these. It is very small, runs fine from a bootable disk, it can have USB support, works fine in Windows, DOS, and BartPE. If you're looking for freeware then SelfImage is what I would have to recommend. It also claims it can create an image without needing to log off windows. It can make the image of a windows partition, while logged into that partition. There's a BartPE plugins in the download section of the SelfImage website if you're interested in using this in a system rescue.
  12. Hate to burst your bubble but this has been confirmed as a April Fools joke. Too bad too cause I probably would have bought it. I think that strap on thing should be called the wiines.
  13. I know this one I know it! It's a little complicated but works just fine. Within windows press Alt + Left Shift + NumLock, this turns on MouseKeys. This can also be turned on within the Accessibility Options on the Control Panel. A window will come up after the key combination press OK. Now your number pad is a mouse. By pressing the 5 button on the numpad it should right click. I'm not sure this can be done through software, but for your case it might work. Here's some more information about it. http://www.abilitynet.org.uk/myway/keyboar...ouse-numpad.htm There they say the right click should be the minus key but I used 5 and it worked.
  14. I recommend converting the SWF file into another video type (mpeg, or avi) and see if the color is still different. I use Super video converter, it's freeware. http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html I don't know if Super supports command line arguments. It may but if it does I'm sure it's a big long complicated string to convert a file.
  15. If you have a gmail account you can have your own personal webpage, http://www.igoogle.com here you can add your own RSS feed stuff to the page. Or if you have a gmail account, you automatically have a free google reader account http://www.google.com/reader This is a RSS feed reader that runs in a web page using Ajax. I have outlook so I don't need it, but there are times that I am on a school computer that is much more locked down.
  16. Yeah there's a sudden surge on the market for people wanting low power, light ultra portable laptops. Obviously if people are buy up laptops, Microsoft wants to be there to help them choose an operating system. Vista is not suited for any ultra portables that's for sure, so Microsoft is being forced to continue to sell copies of XP until June 30, 2010. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/lifecycle/default.mspx
  17. I didn't say it was better, I just think its interesting. The "because I can" factor is interesting enough. How functional XP would be?...not so much.
  18. That reminds me... XP on OLPC? Here it crashes but gets close. [/url]Here it actually works...but no GUI just a command prompt. [/url]
  19. I remember watching that movie at a friends house, I think it was one of the first times I saw Jackie Chan. Some of those quotes are funny, maybe it's worth watching again.
  20. I don't know if this is applicable but if you control the Operating System entirely you can create a nLited XP for the OS. http://www.nliteos.com/ Nlite is a program that assists in modifying the XP, 2000, and 2003 install CD. With nLite you can add drivers, integrate programs, and most importantly, remove components. You can get the CD down to about 250mb and still have much of the functionality. This solution may take some time of course since you would have to extract the files from the CD, install nLite, modify the CD re-burn the CD, then install Windows. I think disabling services would probably give you the same result.
  21. QUOTE(alfa @ Dec 22 2007, 04:00 AM) After 31 pages of incoherent nonsense, you gave a topic that I understand. I don't understand every thing you said but I think I have some thing to add. Survival of the fittest doesn't really apply to humans any more does it? I guess for the most part it does. In 3rd world countries those who have the best immune system, tend to live longer than those who don't. Those who survive will have more offspring who will have the genes which have a better immune system. But what about the more developed countries like the US, and Great Britain? Do the weakest always die? Do the strongest always survive? Some times the most talented individuals die from drug over doses, or car accidents, or plane crashes. And the weakest get money from the government, and survive when they normally wouldn't. Do these anomalies in the Survival of the fittest occur in nature? Or is Darwin's theory flawed
  22. Wow that's kind of interesting, for half the video I just thought the guy was controlling the cat remotely. Looked like the cat was getting dizzy.
  23. Hello all, I found some thing that isn't really a bug in LabVIEW but it can be annoying. I'm working with a set of code that will scan a directory of LabVIEW VIs and create documentation for each VI. To prevent race conditions and other resource issues a semaphore was created. Since the number of VIs in the directory can be quite large, the time between steps may also take a long time. So the timeout terminal on the Semaphore was wired to be a -1 since there is no way to know how long it should wait before giving up. With this set up I found that when an error occurred the program would hang forever and it took me a little while to discover why. Apparently if an error is wired into the error in terminal of any semaphore VI it will still attempt to execute the code. I can see where this could be a good thing, like for a Release Semaphore. If an error occurred we should still try to Release the Semaphore. But with an Acquire Semaphore I would think the code would just pass the error out if there was an error in. Here's the help on the Acquire Semaphore VI http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/37...uire_semaphore/ Twords the bottom is where you'll see it mentions how it will behave with an error in. To fix my code I simply have to check to see if an error in happens before the Acquire Semaphore VI, if it does just pass the error out. In my defense I didn't write this code but if I did I probably would have done the same thing and just assumed that the Semaphore VIs behaved as a lot of code does.
  24. I don't fully understand your question. I downloaded your code and ran it and it seems to behave as I would expect it. When you double click a cell it will add the letter "a" to it, but only for a 6 x 10 grid (because that is what is initialized) Could you please explain the behavior you are seeing. Also I noticed your sub VI simply initializes a 2D array of string. For future reference this is built into LabVIEW, right click the "Initialize Array" and say add dimension. If you created this VI for some other reason disregard my comment.
  25. Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? We do! We do! Who leaves Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the martians under wraps? We do! We do! Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? We do! We do! Who robs the cave fish of their sight? Who rigs every Oscars night? We do! We do! http://web.mit.edu/afs/athena.mit.edu/user...tonecutters.wav
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