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Is a GUID (String Package)

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Getting old, I posted in that thread but didn't remember it.

Where is the smiley with grey beard?

I wouldn't worry - I frequently embarrass myself.

You just get used to it after a while...

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Apologies for reviving an old thread, but would anyone be able to save this GUID toolkit for LV2009?


For what it's worth, attached is a zip containing three Create GUID implementations consistent with IETF RFC-4122:

attachicon.gifGUID LV11.zip

Version 1: Timestamp
Version 3: MD5
Version 4: Random

The V3 implementation requires the OpenG MD5 library. Also included is a VI that generates a 100 ns base timestamp (used in the V1 implementation, actually works as advertised now), along with a typedef that is used in the implementations.

There is no V5 VI, I haven't tracked down the SHA-1 library you have been talking about, but it should be trivial to modify the existing V3 VI (replace the checksum call with a SHA-1 and modify the version bitmask) if it doesn't already have the functionality you describe.

If there's interest in having the Is A GUID method perform a basic timestamp validation for V1 GUIDs, I can throw some code together.


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Edit: sorry, originally posted the wrong zip. Fixed.


I did wonder about that when I saw the same file size :)

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