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Win7 & PXI 8231 Ethernet card

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I've got a new PC with Win7 and a PXI-Chassis (connected through MXI) with

a PXI8231 Ethernet card inside. Everything seems to be correctly installed

(no yellow signs in the hardwaremanager) the ethernet card appears in the

Network Connections, has a static IP, notices if there is a cable pluggen in,

but has no communication (0 packets send, 0 packets received).

the card is 'supported' out of the box from Win7, so there are no drivers from

NI or Intel. With WinXP everything worked fine. I've already changed the card,

but still have the same issue...

I tried several days to get it running, without success...

has anyone a similar environment, or a working PXI8231 on Win7?

maybe someone of you has an idea what I could even try to get it running?



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If you use Windows 32-bit, this set up should work over an MXI-4 connection. However if you use Windows 64-bit (although not officially supported) The card should work with an MXI Express chassis.


This is due to the limited addressable range of a 32 bit operating system with an MXI-Express link.

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