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Create a project template on Labview enviroment

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Thank you for the prompt reply. I read the post you have suggested to read, even though that post is very intersting it is not what I would like to do, I would like to build a new project, create on the project some virtual folders (the virtual folders I always create on my projects) and then I would like to save it as template. Therefore it will be very easy to create a new project starting from that template with the virtual folder I usually create on every project I do.

(I hope it was clear) Do you think it is possible to do that?


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I would like to build a new project, create on the project some virtual folders (the virtual folders I always create on my projects) and then I would like to save it as template.

If I understand correctly what you are asking...

There is no such thing as a .lvproj template but why not just create the above .lvproj file once then every time you want it, copy it manually, or write some simple tool to make a copy of it?

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This is a very nice trick, but I do not want to copy every VIs I've created on a different project, I just want a template which allows me to have an entry point to build my new project and which creates the structure which usually I use on every project I want to develop. I think the suggestion of JCODE is a good advise the only thing which is missing is that you can't call the template from the "New window" which is opened when you click on the New menu under the File menu of labview....

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...the only thing which is missing is that you can't call the template from the "New window" which is opened when you click on the New menu under the File menu of labview....

No, but you can install the tool under <wizard> or <project> yourself and get the same effect.

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      A power failure crashed my LabVIEW before I pushed some important work to the repository.
      Recover seemed to work yet I got a message saying that the vi can't be saved and it was actually corrupted:
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      Regular cut and paste tricks didn't work and before starting to go over the Hex code I tried something that I didn't see anyone write about and it worked so here it goes for those future corruption fighters (I can't promise it will work each time though):
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      It didn't work.
      I moved up to LV 2013 and it still didn't work.
      Trying the same with LV 2014 did the magic.
      All that was left to do is to save to previous version (LV 2011) and correct the file's location and name.
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        I have set up a vi in my project where it deploys startup.rtexe, web service and the related web service vi and a shared variable library to the real-time(sbRIO) target. i have 3 targets in the project 1) My computer 2) RT-Target 3) FPGA.
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        Please suggest a way to do this.
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    • By John Lokanis
      I am seeing some strange behavior each time I open a certain project in LV2013.  For some reason a VI I was working on recently always opens its front panel when the project is opened.  And it shows a broken arrow for a few seconds while the cursor is in a busy state.  Then, the arrow changes to unbroken.  I close the VI, I do a save all (and LV saves 66 VIs for some reason) and then I close the project.  When I reopen the project, it does the exact same thing.
      Has anyone see this type of behavior before?  Is this due to something I did or is it a bug?  Any fixes/workarounds?
      i have not contacted NI yet since this could be my fault and it only happens with a certain project and only recently (I have been using LV2013 for awhile now without this issue).
      thanks for your input.
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