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Plots cleaning

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Hi guys,

Today I'm having a new problem to troubleshoot. I'm populating a graph and I'm customizing its plots every time the user click on a button. The number of waves shown into the graphs can change on each click and the plots number depends on the number of waves selected by the user. How can I clean the exceeding number of plots previously configured when the user pass from a high number of waves to a lower number of waves? I would like to remove the exceding plots from the legend, not just clean theirs name.

I hope that what I want to achive is clear.

Thank you in advance.

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Helped by a NI support Engineer I have achieved what I wanted to achive using the Lends Number of Rows coupled with the Legends plot minimum properties. If yuo are interested in see what we have done, look at the attached VI.

Modifying the Lends Rows control you will see the effect. The legend will be resize properly (avoiding the exceeding plots).

Try inserting as sample 10 --> 25 --> 12.

Graph_Problem - Fixed.vi

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