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NI Week 2012 Videos

Mark Balla

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It's 5.29 A.M., my eyes are red and I just finished Norm's video about the rebirth of state machines. IT IS A MUST SEE!!!

There are so many good sessions that my head spins but for now I simply love this one.

I totally agree this was the best session of NI Week for me.

Mostly because I had fallen into the same trap where I wasn't separating my states from my actions.

I liked this session so much that our next user group will be using this as our main topic.

Hopefully with Norm presenting in person.

Keeping all the links in one place,

If you are looking for the offical NIWeek 2012 youtube videos.

They can be found

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Did anyone record Darren's Tips and Tricks session? I was so disappointed that I had to miss it...

There was another person video recording sessions.

I spoke with him at NI Week and he did record Darren's as well as other sessions.

He promised to send me a DVD of all of his recordings and when I receive them I will upload them to the ftp.


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Some help please. I try to play the downloaded videos ( and for atleast 4 downloaded videos from the Vi engineering ftp),

the videos just start playing and after like after 5mins.

I equally downloaded divX codecs as indicated by Mark, to no avail.


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Check the size of the files compared to the size the FTP client says they should be. My guess is that the files weren't downloaded fully (something which can happen with FTP) and AVI files are built in such a way that the file can be played even if you only have part of it. I can say that I watched quite a few of them fully.

If this is really the issue, you could try another FTP client (such as FileZilla).

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