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Hi all,


For those who know about leap motion (https://www.leapmotion.com/) you may know that the SDK is now released and anyone can sign up as developer to download this.   The first devices ship out July 22.  I was surprised to find no one on LAVA has been posting hacks and ideas since I know at least a few Labview developers were part of the first wave last year who got send a free device to play with.


Does anyone have experience with the Leap motion device?  Anyone planning to start playing with the controller soon?



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Thanks David_L,


I just got my Leapmotion today.  Minh, you can buy one from the leapmotion.com website.  its $120 for Australians and it took only 5 days to get to me with FedEx.  I am about to start playing with it.  i have also signed up as a developer and downloaded the SDK.


For anyone who has a Leapmotion, lets please share our joys and frustrations with it. 





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I've been keeping an eye on this as it looks like an interface with lots of potential. (Unfortunately, I don't have one to play with. :(  ) I've seen two reviews that may be helpful:




There seems to be difficulty with extraneous light and arm fatigue.

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I looked at the Labviewer hacker site but they are not providing any code or help with code!  looks like a job from scratch!  


@Tim_S I bought mine from LeapMotion website from Australia.  It was $80 + $20 shipping.  It came in just 4 days shipped from Singapore hassle free.  If you have a spare $100 you can get one quick!


If anyone has code to share on LeapMotion that would be lovely.  I will put mine up as soon as I can talk to mine.


best regards



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@Tim_S I bought mine from LeapMotion website from Australia.  It was $80 + $20 shipping.  It came in just 4 days shipped from Singapore hassle free.  If you have a spare $100 you can get one quick!


Unfortunately my current experiment, a grow your own minion home kit, seems to be sucking all my resources for the foreseeable future. :)

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      Submitter Francois Normandin Submitted 09/21/2009 Category LabVIEW Tools Network Certified LabVIEW Version  
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