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Name: libpq

Submitter: SDietrich

Submitted: 01 Mar 2014

Category: Database & File IO

LabVIEW Version: 2009

License Type: Other (included with download)

This is a package containing LabVIEW bindings to the client library of the PostgreSQL database server (libpq).


The DLL version 9.3.2 and its dependencies are included in the package. This DLLs are taken out of a binary distribution from the Postgres-Website and are thread-safe (e.g. the call to PQisthreadsafe() returns 1). As of the moment the DLLs are 32bit only.


The VIs are saved in LabVIEW 2009.


So this package works out of the box if you have a 32bit LabVIEW 2009 or higher on any supported Windows operating system.


Because this obviously is a derived work from PostgreSQL it is licensed by the PostgreSQL license.



A few words regarding the documentation: This package is meant for developers who know how to use the libpq. You have to read and understand the excellent documentation for the library. Nonetheless all VIs contain extracts of that documentation as their help text.


What's coming next?

- adding support for 64bit

- adding support for Linux (anybody out there to volunteer for testing?)

- adding support for MAC (anybody out there to volunteer for testing?)

Click here to download this file

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Hi SDietrich.


The DLL as of version 9.3.1 is included in the package



The DLL isn't in the package so I couldn't check, but I looked at the CFLNs and they are set to re-entrant. So did you compile with "--enable-thread-safety"? (otherwise it will have to be run in the UI thread).


A note in the description of exactly what platforms/labview versions you are supporting would also be useful (Windows, Linux, Mac, VxWorks etc) For Windows users it would also be of benefit if you say whether you are supplying just the 32 bit or both 32 bit and 64 bit DLL (LabVIEW x64 cannot load 32 bit binaries and vice versa).


jgcode is the Lavag Tools Network admin. Send him a PM and he can advise on how to get it on the tools network under the Lavag banner.

Edited by ShaunR
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Hi ShaunR,


thanks for your feedback. I added the DLL, which was hiding somwhere deep in the System32-directory (actually SysWOW64, as I use a 64bit Windows). Now it is part of the package and is installed right with the VIs to userspace, so there is no need to run VIPM as administrator and the VIs always use the DLL that they were tested with.


I also added notes about the thread-safety and the supported versions.

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Hi SDietrich


It seems the libpq.dll has a load of other dependencies. When loading, it couldn't find libintl.dll. Looking at the website, the binary download is 44 MB so there are a few more than just libintl.dll. I downloaded the zip and there were a few wxwidgets DLLs that you probably don't need, but there were the libeay, zip and a few other binaries (including libintl.dll). For an out-of-the-box experience, some of those will need to be bundled too.

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The current release includes the following DLLs:

  • libpq.dll (the actual driver)
  • libintl.dll
  • libeay32.dll
  • ssleay32.dll

According to Dependency Walker these are the only external dependencies. Everything else is Windows stuff and the Visual C++ runtime, of course. But I think, this might even be bundled with Windows itself, so no problem here.

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Sorry for the repeated upload/release, but VIPM really got me with those source file prefixes  :frusty:  Version now is as intended.


However there is some good news, yet completely unrelated: I found the 64bit-Edition of PostgreSQL and it includes the libpq.dll in 64bit and all the dependencies. So all you LabVIEW-64 users out there look forward to the 64bit edition of this package.

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