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AIT MIL-STD-1553 PXI card not talking to LabVIEW

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I have an AIT MIL-STD-1553 PXI card, and I am trying to control it using LabVIEW. The card shows up in MAX, and a Test Panel is able to communicate with it, as shown in the attached images. Further, if I open a VISA session with the instrument, it seems to be okay. (I have only tried doing a VISA Open and VISA Close, resulting in no error. Since I don't know any other VISA commands to this instrument, and since it does not seem to speak SCPI, I have been limited to simply opening and closing the VISA session.) However, when I try to do a simple Initialize using the AIT LabVIEW vis, I get an error code -1, stating that there is "No Hardware Found". This simple vi is shown in the other attachment. I have also tried different "network path in", and "board index in" values, without success. Any time I change the network path in to anything but "local", I get an error code -5, stating that "Remote network connection not supported by this hardware".

I have verified that the latest AIT firmware is loaded on the card. I'm running the AIT LabVIEW vilib components, and LabVIEW 2015.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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I was able to establish communication between LabVIEW and the 1553 interface, after some help from the folks at AIT. The "No Hardware Found" error was caused by the drivers and DLLs. When the interface card was originally installed, the LabVIEW drivers were not on the system, and the new hardware wizard enabled the non-VISA drivers. AIT sent me a detailed document on the procedure for changing the drivers. This resulted in a change of the position of the AIT hardware in the Device Manager. Originally, the 1553 interface showed up under the AIT group in Device Manager. With the correct drivers installed, it moved down to the NI-VISA PXI Devices group. Then it was a matter of changing the DLLs being referenced in the code. Again, the non-VISA DLLs were originally being used. Once I ran another utility from AIT to change the DLLs, I was able to initialize the board without error, and run the example programs that shipped with the instrument drivers.


Thanks for the suggestions, & Kudos to the folks at AIT for their rapid response and spot-on analysis.

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