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Can VIPB files still be hand-modified?

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This is an offshoot of https://lavag.org/topic/19414-can-i-save-as-a-vipb-file-in-vipm-and-keep-the-old-palette-if-i-change-the-source-directory/. That thread discusses hand-modifying the XML data in a *.vipb file, which Jim Kring himself seems to accept as a viable solution in some cases. However, when I try that, VIPM says, "VI Package Builder was unable to open the build spec due to an error."

I initially thought this was new behaviour introduced in VIPM 2016, but downgrading to VIPM 2014 SP2 didn't change anything. I'm now unable to downgrade any further, as my PC is convinced that 2014 SP2 is still installed (even though it's not...)

Could someone kindly try the attached *.vipb file and see if it opens? It's a bare minimum default file, with only a description summary added. I've hand-modified the summary from "Lorem ipsum" to "Larem ipsum" and now VIPM refuses to open it.




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3 hours ago, JKSH said:

Could someone kindly try the attached *.vipb file and see if it opens?

Tested it and it does not work (VIPM 2014). Also tried to created my own package, changed the description manually and got the same result:

VIPM Error.png

Might have something to do with the Community Edition though, I'm pretty sure this was possible at work where I got the Professional Edition.

Edit: Could not hold myself back and activated the Pro Edition :rolleyes: - The issue is gone!

VIPM Window.png

So, your problem is only with the Community Edition.

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I am now a Pro
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A-ha. How very sneaky. I wonder if this is a bug such that the dialog is supposed to say"The feature you just selected is only available in VIPM Pro Edition. Please choose from the following options" instead of "Error"... :D 

Anyway, this wasn't what I hoped to hear, but at least the cause is confirmed now. Thanks for testing this for me, @LogMAN!

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Editing the file like that causes the file to be invalid as the cryptographic hash in the file is no longer correct (introduced in 3.0). So unless you know how to update the hash (stored in the file ID probably) correctly you will not be able to produce a valid update.

The Pro version might allow you to open them anyhow just to have a look at it to see what has been going on, but I would think that it should still at least give the users a warning that the file has been tampered with(?).

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