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LabVIEW hangs with logarithmic mapping on XY Graph (silver)


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I can very repeatedly hang LabVIEW 2017 without even running a VI. It involves simply changing the y-scale mapping on a graph to be logarithmic. The best I can tell is that the initial (linear) scaling has the same max/min range values and this causes the problem somehow.

Does this happen in other versions of LabVIEW? (I'm using 17.0.1.f4, 64-bit.) And more importantly, how can I avoid this issue if I want to use log scaling and the data may start with a bunch of identical (positive-definite) values?

I'm using the "XY Graph (silver)" control. I haven't yet replicated the problem with the standard "XY Graph" control, either because I haven't created the right conditions or because that control doesn't have the issue. But I'd like to avoid switching out all my (many) graphs, in any case.


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No hang seen in my LV2020 linux, only (after some manipulation) an X scale and label in a wrong place above the graph. But anyhow, I've seen across the years individual controls occasionally becoming corrupted and behaving foul. The easiest solution then is just to recreate the control anew.

My impression is that control themselves include their own callback code, to be responsive e.g. to appearance change, even at edit time. On occasions, this result in some insanity, like infinite loops.

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It does hang in LabVIEW 2019 SP1 f4 64 bit Windows 10. I am betting this one will never be fixed.

This being said, how did you create that graph? If I pick a new one and try to manually enter the same upper and lower bound, it will usually just swap their order and not let me change the second one. If I try programmatically to set the max and min range of the scale, I get the following displayed values:



Playing with increment or precision doesn't help...

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