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How to synchronize a FlexRIO device with a DAQ inside a PXIe chassis?

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I have a PXIe-7975R(FlexRIO FPGA with 5732 digitizer)and a PXIe-6341(DAQ) both installed in a PXIe-1073 chassis(you can check in screenshot below) and I want to synchronize there two device.


my goal :The DAQ will output some control signal and the FPGA will acquire some other signal and they are synchronized .

what I tried:

1. output a digital signal to 5732, however its DIO port somehow dont work,and that force me to input signal using AI port,but there are much much noise

2.this chassis used to run ScanImage(   https://docs.scanimage.org/   an program based on MATLAB using DAQmx API),so Im sure the same thing could be realised using LabVIEW,however I couldnt find a way to do so.


So ,is there a way to synchronize there two device?Or are there some modules like DAQmx  avalible?(examples of 5732 only demonstrates Clock Select and Streaming) 


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18 hours ago, codcoder said:

Cannot you use one of the PXI trigger signal routing?


codcoderthank you for your reply!

I checked the link and assume you must be talking about PXI Triggers?

I opened a  DAQmx CO example, and I found these triggers avalible :


as for FPGA,I have no idea how to receive signal from PXI_Trig,could you please provide more details about that?

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Yes, exactly those signals! PXI Triggers. :)

I don't have specific experience of the PXIe-7975R but I use the PXIe-7820R quite a lot. And on that card you can simply access the trigger lines like any other digital I/O in LabVIEW FPGA. So it would be fairly simple to use Wait on Any Edge or something like that.


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Oh! I got it, thanks a lot.

Actually I  know about I/O node, but I didnt realise that I should manually add these triggers to the IO(thinking about FIFOs ,registers),now I can receive these triggers and try synchronizing my cards.

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