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Dumb Open G Question

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QUOTE (ASTDan @ Apr 17 2008, 03:52 PM)

Am I crazy :blink: ? I can't get this to work right. Why isn't my 0 column sorted?

It's sorting in alphabetical order, not numerical.

"0", "10", "5" is in correct alphabetical order.

Do you owe me a beer?

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1 Beer :beer: as ordered. Don't drink it to fast.

Hmmmm. This complicates things. The string array I am actually using has text and numbers, but the first column will always be numeric. Is there an easy way to do this? Right now I am playing around with the pointer array that is coming out of the Sort 2D VI.


This is what I came up with quick and dirty

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I don't think the bug described above concerning the "Delete Elements from 2D Array " has been fixed. It still returns the wrong deleted elements. The test case posted by Ton is a bad test case due to the nature of the bug. It does not catch the error. I've attached an example that demonstrates error.




Delete elements from 2D array.vi

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