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  1. First sanity check: do you have any of Office installed? I found the type library under "Microsoft Access 14.0 Object Library Version 9.0" and am running Office 2010 Pro Plus. Second sanity check: does the snippet about not work for you? I drop it and it opens Access on my machine.
  2. Then find a Windows CD? Or search to see if you can download something from Microsoft to install the languages.
  3. This article describes what I was referring to: KMKB0041: HOWTO: Configure Windows for right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew
  4. Your Windows regional settings are configured for RTL, correct?
  5. I'm in for one of the most expensive t-shirts I've ever bought.
  6. Use the Boolean To (0,1) node to convert your digital input to analog data.
  7. You might check eBay - I know that hardware gets listed there regularly, but the selection is varied.
  8. Yep, reproduced this in LV2011SP1f2, LV2010SP1, and LV2009 (all 32-bit). Guess you're the first lucky guy to find this - and know about it.
  9. Did you find this in code you loaded from a previous version of LabVIEW, by chance?
  10. You're referring to the hWnd handle, right? A happy compromise might be to use whatever type works correctly internally and then have a VI for exposing it which will output it to one of two terminals, a U32 or a U64, based on the platform via a Conditional disable structure.
  11. Rofl is correct. You could convert your conditional disables to look at a project condition (I forget the specific term) instead of the platform. You'd have to either remember to change the variable before each build, or you could write a pre-build VI which checks the platform and asks for confirmation, changing it based on that input (I *think* all that is possible now).
  12. Here's an older thread about interfaces in LabVIEW: http://lavag.org/topic/10621-interface/
  13. When using CLNs and *especially* when directly manipulating memory, save your VI before every time you run it! I can't count the time of times I've crashed LabVIEW mucking around with CLNs.
  14. How do you know how many elements are in the array of Pluto structs? The two attached CLNs will help you operate with points. The second is useful for arrays of known length. Both are examples of operating on 4-byte signed integers. These look like snippets, but they are not. They were sourced from this article: Dereferencing Pointers from C/C++ DLLs in LabVIEW.
  15. The waveform you get from your DAQ is not continuous, it looks like you're just requesting 1000 samples each iteration. You'll need to use a shift register to maintain a rolling count and add that value in with your latest array size.
  16. The Y is an array because it's all of the Y points in a waveform. Use the Index Array node like you did before to get a specific element. You asked for a timestamp, not an index. If you're looking to get the maximum index, get the size of the Y array and then subtract one (based indices are zero-based). In the last VI, you weren't getting the latest Y value, you were getting the first Y value in the latest block of data.
  17. I think that's the one that most people are likely to run into. "Array data changes unexpectedly when passed through a case structure in a timed loop" could be pretty nasty too, but I don't often use timed loops.
  18. I don't have any other insight for you. Try researching the error code and see if you can find out more about its root causes. Windows errors codes are often referred to in hex, so 0x80004005 in this case.
  19. You could try contacting Microsoft support directly. I'm sure someone else is hosting it elsewhere, but it may be a little fishy to pull it from another site. If you have the patience, I'd go with the former. Or you could use the Wayback Machine. http://web.archive.org/web/20100722104106/http://support.microsoft.com/kb/829558
  20. I think Yair's warning is more that you can't assume that the drag completed successful on that event; only that the drag completed.
  21. 1) Disable 1) Disable merging/diffing for project files. 2-4) A versioning tool should not be playing these roles, something so monolithic would undoubtedly not work well. But you acknowledge that. 5) SVN at least gives you commit stats by user (and maybe some others) but TSVN provides some bug tracker integration. What dead lines are you expecting to track in a LabVIEW codebase?
  22. Select the paintbrush tool from the tool palette, right click on the gray area of Waveform A, then select the T in the top right corner in the color palette which appears. You can left-click the plot list to apply the same color. Right-click the scale, select Duplicate Scale. Right-click the new scale, select Swap Sides. The rest should be easy through the properties dialog.
  23. Patch Details Download (32-bit) Download (64-bit)
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