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  1. There is also Adlink. I have some experience with their PXI cards, but not with their DAQs.
  2. If you are open to non NI hardware, two kits come to mind, but good luck finding stock: Xilinx Kria and Nvidia Jetson.
  3. Anecdotal evidence, I know, but here (Toronto, Canada) The number of open LabVIEW developer positions is practically 0.
  4. I asked Omer to stop the spam, if it doesn't work, I know their manager
  5. Re-use libraries whenever it is possible. I rather not reinvent the wheel. As for unused code, VI analyzer will find that. If a project has a Sub VI with no callers, I remove it from the project.
  6. You know we like you, we decided to help you a bit.
  7. That's not oil, that's battery acid.
  8. There is a reason we call the NI forums the dark side.
  9. Yes, it is probably the windows clipboard that does the string sanitizing. Strangely, from Notepadd++ to LV2020, I get a space instead of \00.
  10. LV to notepad++ doesn't work -> Notpad++ uses C style strings for the paste from clipboard. LV to MS Word & Excel 365 doesn't work -> Same as above. It seems the LV to LV path allows null in the middle of a string, while the LV to Windows path doesn't.
  11. Why do you have a null (\00) in the middle?
  12. There was a page full of evil VIs that played tricks on the poor programmer trying to read them, I don't remember where I saw it.
  13. LabVIEW enjoys security by obscurity right now. I am sure that the entire stack (Run time, Visa, DAQmx, whatever other services NI installs) have tons of holes and exploits.
  14. I can amortize 20,000$ one time license costs, I can't amortize 500$/ month subscription. Python seems more attractive every day.
  15. Got to love how the 1 year subscription is 6K CAD and the 3 years is 24K CAD..
  16. NI is shooting themselves in the foot with this approach. It is already difficult enough to find LabVIEW programmers. The IDE seems straight out of 2002, proprietary file formats, hard time integrating with version control and CI flows, Do they really want to drive away their potential customers? I use LV for many things, but I avoid the pay to deploy tools (IMAQ, Teststand). If I have to pay upkeep to NI, I'll recommend Python, the 3rd party hardware support is similar with pyVISA. No upkeep, no licenses, no deployment fees.
  17. You should use the NI supplied Database connectivity VIs. For reference, here is what NI is doing.
  18. I have a similar setup (PXI-1045 and NI PXI cards, with PCI-8361 MXI card). Did you see any other incompatibilities?
  19. How much flexibility do you want in your code? The simplest would be a single loop with a sequence. Each iteration of the loop is 100mSec The 2nd simplest approach is a state machine, with a relevant timing node in each state. The analog sampling can happen in parallel to the triggering loop.
  20. Got DMMs, SA, Scopes, reels of SMT components, wires. One of the perks of working for a CM.
  21. As far as I know, there is no guarantee that the array is allocated in a single block.
  22. I didn't use it at all, even though most of my lab instruments are from Keysight.
  23. You will have to setup the triggering, similar to the snippet below. I don't have those DAQs, so I can't test it. Edit: You might have to do SW trigger, Each DAQ will have its own trigger source (PFI0), and the software will generate a transition on both lines.
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