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  1. Mouse icon? Do you mean the cursor? That is, the object that moves around when you move your mouse? If so, there is a cursor VI that can set it.
  2. Why are you communicating with the DHCP server when you want to communicate with the UUT?
  3. I don't have access to Labview at home, sorry.
  4. Much better. That asteroid needs a better animation though.
  5. Sure, if you can post them. Can you use the higher resolution assets from the Ur-quan masters mods? Mega mod 0.8
  6. I don't have access to LV2017. This error usually means that it can't find the Uno DLLs. IIRC, The UNO path should point to C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program Edit: The UNO_PATH variable is case sensitive. Make sure it has the exact case as above.
  7. I have validated this code with LibreOffice 6.0
  8. LabView doesn't have built in VI's for Kerberos authentication. What platform do you use?
  9. Because there are programmers, there are techs and there are operators. You don't want your operators messing with your data (test limits, etc), but you do want them to be able to tell you on the phone, what data there is there, in case you can't remote into the machine.
  10. I use JSON, and to prevent the end user from editing, I add an MD5 checksum.
  11. Warma has some interesting products. A bit expansive though.
  12. Here is a basic 3d picture control example: 3d Picture control Take into account that this is an OpenGL renderer, driver support might be an issue with on board Intel graphics. There is an express VI mentioned there too which can map sensor data to a scene.
  13. Hi, Are you on windows 10? There is an issue with the creator update. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4041676/windows-10-update-kb4041676
  14. You will have to find out the specific device ID using a unique identifier such as a serial number.
  15. Hello, I am trying to copy multiple cells in LibreOffice, using the UNO API. I encountered an issue in the XCellRangeData object. The object's method returns an array of array of any() type. it seems LV can't compile this, even though the wire appears not to be broken. If I try to parse the array of array into a single dimension and then rebuild, the code is broken. See the attached files. Is there a solution for this issue? The alternative would be to copy cells one by one, which is a much slower solution.
  16. There is no ready made app that does that, but these tests are quite easy to implement using the R&S drivers. Since you already know what steps to take, implementing them as a sequencer steps and adding support for multiple analyzers and other equipment you might have, will be very straight forward.
  17. DDE has been deprecated for more than a decade. You can use the .NET API for Excel, but it will get very complicated, as you will probably have to register user events and callbacks.
  18. You want 5 3-phase sources, not 15 single phase sources, or better yet, a single 3 phase source and some way to switch it to all loads. Here is one lab source: http://www.chromausa.com/product/3-phase-programmable-ac-source-61700/
  19. Below are screen shots of the operation I am trying to automate. I am using LV2014
  20. It is still a very preliminary product. There is no mouse pan option, there are missing interfaces (HTTP? HTTPS?) Some shortcuts are missing.
  21. The current Libreoffice release (5.2.6) has a bug which prevents this library from working. There is fix scheduled for release 5.4
  22. No, I am trying to add a standard folder to the 'Always included files' list. It is possible to add a folder to the 'Always included' list manually, so I should be able to do it via the API.
  23. Hello, I am trying to automate some code generation using a project template. The template also has build specification. I want to add an auto-populating folder to the build specification, but I can't get it to work. I am using the AB_API_SDIST class. If the folder exists in the template, I get an error 'Can't add the container to build specification'. If the folder does not exist in the template, I get a 1055 error code. How can I make it work?
  24. No, I am not part of the preview. No time, no fun.
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