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2012 LAVA/OpenG NIWeek Bar-B-Q

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aHA! I knew you'd try to pull this one! Read THIS! BAM!

But Relf, what about all those years you double-charged me for the BBQ?

And don't you owe Justin and me a round from the New Orleans "planning" meeting we had earlier this year at that bar in the French Quarter?


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Yep, the built-in search is pretty much garbage. I almost exclusively google site:lavag.org whatever my heart desires.

I just had to try the link to see what comes up. Turns out this thread is the number one result for whatever my hear desires on this site, go figure.

And just to stay on topic I will not be attending NI week this year. My boss mentioned it, but I said no. I just started this new job and didn't think it was good timing to leave so soon after starting. But we agreed next year I will be going. I've never been to NI week but am excited for the chance to go, even if it won't be for another year.

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As the 2010 that guy, I can confirm you do not want to be that guy.

Mr. Mike was that guy, and I was that guy after that guy. I'll say once, I'll say twice. You don't want sloppy seconds when it comes to BBQ tix. (Long story short, in 2010 I bought the ticket off of a kind LAVA moderator willing to give up his ticket, who "Doesn't like BBQ anyway")


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Well Justin - I was going to chase you down on Monday and stuff 30 $1 bills into your skivies, but then I started to get visions of a very excited crelf, and paypal just seemed, well, more civilized. Looking forward to seeing you all - I think it's been 3 years since they've let me out of the office.

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In other news, this year's BBQ is shaping up to be a huge success! Check out this presales graph...

That's what happens when you have a great Texan BBQ organized by a vegetarian! I guess that's the same reason I *shouldn't* own a brewery.

I was going to chase you down on Monday and stuff 30 $1 bills into your skivies...

*shudder* <- and not in a good way.

...in 2010 I bought the ticket off of a kind LAVA moderator willing to give up his ticket, who "Doesn't like BBQ anyway")

As if you needed one, but that's another example of how LAVA Mods are freakin' awesome. Just sayin'.

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TICKET PRE-SALES ARE NOW CLOSED. There are still tickets remaining but you have to find me at the show to buy them.

Finding Me: I will be around the JKI booth (#630) quite a lot, especially on Tuesday. You might also want to catch me after my presentation on Tuesday morning:

(TS8244) Secret Sauce: Non-LabVIEW Tools to Make You a Better LabVIEW Developer
Tuesday, August 7 – 10:30-11:30 a.m. – Room 12B

Paying Me:
I'm going to try to take in-person purchases with credit cards this year but the system isn't well-tested so I can't guarantee anything. Cash is preferred

See you all very soon!
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Thanks for another great BBQ! Had a great time meeting some new people. I think Justin was disappointed to find out I am a guy. Must have thought BrianAFischer was BrianaFischer... I updated my username to something a little less confusing. :-)

One suggestion for prizes though: please give TSA carry on luggage friendly prizes! I was the proud winner of a Swiss army knife, but could not bring it home in my luggage. I donated it to a hard working NI employee in hopes that he can "carve" out one or two of my suggested LabVIEW features.


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Are you referring to "checking"? Most airlines charge $25 or more to check luggage now. I usually travel with carry-on luggage only for trips less than a week.

Another option is to ship via FedEx/UPS, but I had lots going on at NI Week.


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I have to check bags every single week, the only thing I find is a pain is that the taxi line's a little longer :)

However, being able to pack enough stuff for 4-5 days (NI Week) into carry-on size luggage is commendable :lol:

That's nothing. I can't seem to find it right now but I have pictures of me unpacking my carry on luggage for a business trip that was 2 weeks. I had one bag with clothes, and one laptop bag with all my electronics. When I got home I took a series of pictures as I unpacked because I had a very large pile of clothes, which appeared to be 3-4 times larger than the suite case that contained them. As you can imagine the bag with the clothes in it was very dense and heavy.

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lol. Great job. They don't normally check but I have been done once for overweight carry-on - they made me weigh the bag and then made me check it in

I was screwed from the start as my laptop was an old, big, heavy Dell P4 and it weighed pretty much the limit

I didn't feel that bad putting it in the hold tho, as it was a work PC :)

I've carried blades onto flights in a carry on before (by accident...), so it's probably just luck of the draw.

Mental note: do not upset Asbo at LAVA BBQ :P

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