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Intended OpenG installation and update flow?

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I see in VIPM that there is the OpenG Toolkit, then the individual packages as well. Is the intent to install the OpenG Toolkit (assuming you want all the modules) package, then update the individual modules as they are updated? I feel safe in assuming that *since I've already installed all the individual packages that there is nothing for me to be bothered about, if I am correct in assuming that the "OpenG Toolkit" package is just a snapshot of a major release or when the appropriate person feels like updating the snapshot.


Ryan R.

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Hey Ryan.  Yes, that's right. The main OpenG Toolkit is just a simple way to install everything. There's actually nothing in the package itself -- it just declares dependencies on all the individual packages.

I wondered how that worked, that's neat.  I for some reason always thought it was all the packages in one, so I never installed it because I was worried I would have two versions of OpenG installed on my palette if I did.  Thanks for the info.

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