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NI WEEK 2014 Session Recording Request

Mark Balla

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Well, I went over the session list very quickly and found more than two or three I would potentially attend, but since you limited us, I'll pick three of those pretty much randomly:

  1. TS3281 - Featherweight: Sustainable Application Architectures for LabVIEW
  2. TS2879 - A Dataflow Approach to Object-Oriented Programming
  3. TS4318 - LabVIEW OOP: Computer Science for the G Programmer

Oh, and Nancy's session. And some UI sessions. And more architecture stuff. And the champions' stuff.

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Hey Mark - I worked with you a bit last year, as I recorded a few sessions as well. While I did manage to record a few, it turns out the "1080p" camera I was using wasn't the best... so this year I'll probably forgo trying to record sessions. I did find your recording very helpful to remember what was discussed, enabling me to better pass along the information to others at my company and beyond.


Since you're taking requests... :)


TS3285 - Creating Highly Innovative User Interfaces with LabVIEW

TS3017 - LabVIEW Champions Live: From Specification to Design (since this one is mostly discussion, I thought it would benefit greatly to record, if allowed)

TS4242 - Tips and Tricks for Highly Productive Programming in LabVIEW (The recording last year was really helpful due to his "show and tell" approach)

TS4318 - LabVIEW OOP: Computer Science for the G Programmer

TS3427 - Implementing Gang of Four Design Patterns in LabVIEW


I also second crossrulz and Yair's suggestions.


Thank you again for doing this!

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There are several sessions where I have a conflict.  So, here are a few (in no particular order) to try and tape that I will likely miss:


TS3017 - LabVIEW Champions Live: From Specification to Design

TS4863 - Don't Think You Need an FPGA? Think Again!

TS3399 - How to Eat the Elephant: Turning Ideas Into Architecture

TS3457 - Extending LabVIEW to the Web Using the LabSocket System

TS3364 - Standard and Nonstandard Inter-Thread Communication

TS3204 - How to Create Truly Reliable LabVIEW Real-Time Applications

TS3398 - Using LabVIEW Code Inside .NET Applications

TS3237 - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Network Streams

TS4257 - Web Technology for Test and Automation Applications


Frankly, I am :angry: that so many good sessions are at the same time while other days/times have little to offer for me.

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