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UI to handle overview of 8 sites with subpanels

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I am working on a user interface for an 8 site test station.  I put a lot of thought into the design of the UI and when I started trying to implement, I ran into a major road block and was hoping I could get some advice here. Here is an overview of what I have:


I have 1 view where I want to see an overview of all 8 sites and have basic control of each site.  Each site can test part A or B.  Each part has different information and therefore, I want the overview display to be different for each, depending on which part number is being tested.  


So I made a "Part" Class and 2 child classes "A" and "B".  Each child class has an "overview" VI that has the information that I would like to display.  My plan was for each site to create an instance of the appropriate class ("A" or "B") and insert the "overview" VI into the subpanel corresponding to the appropriate site.  


This is where I ran into a problem.  I load part A into site 1, and the subpanel loads the correct display.  Then I try to load a second part A in site 2, and I get an error saying I can't load that VI because it is already loaded in another subpanel.  I had assumed that if I had a reentrant VI and had created multiple instances of it, that I could insert each instance into a separate subpanel. 


After searching on the NI website, I found an article saying that this is not possible.  I guess I made a bad assumption when I went down this path.  Does anybody have any recommendations for alternatives? Or any way around this?  Thanks! 

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Tim and drjdpowell, Thanks for the quick replies. I didn't realize that anybody responded.  I was expecting an email notification but didn't see one.  Anyway, I just got around to checking back in on this.  Tim, your code ran fine.  I haven't gone back to play around with it at all, but wanted to quickly say thanks.  If I get anywhere with it, I'll reply back.  Thanks again!

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I didn't realize that anybody responded.  I was expecting an email notification but didn't see one. 

This can be setup in your user's notifications.  Go to your profile and click Edit My Profile, then on the left there is Notification Options.  Maybe some of these should be turned on by default since it seems most other forums work this way.

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