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FPGA Compilation Error 1566

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Hi all, 


I am trying to compile an FPGA code which results in the error as follows:


ERROR:HDLCompiler:1566 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\t1y1Y1O_hxEgG35\NiFpgaAG_0000002b_SequenceFrame.vhd" Line 42: Expression has 32 elements ; formal ceioparameter0signal expects 24 :oops:


How do I debug this. I have no idea about how xilinx compilation. Help me  :thumbup1:




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You should really attach your whole build log.  That being said the FPGA compiler has gotten much better of the years and can help pin point where in your code the problem is.  I'd expect 2013 to give you more debug information.  Also if possible post your code.

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