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Hi all,


I am trying to have an OOP based architecture inside RT ,where FPGA acquired values are used inside RT. So my plan is to have a generic base class upon which different systems(Child classes) are built. My child FPGA VIs will have additional controls in Front panel along with the common ones. So where can I put the FPGA ref? I cannot have it in base class since it will not bind all the controls. But if I have it in Child classes, how can I have the common functions in Base class?


Looking forward to your suggestions guys..

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You can put a reference in each level of hierarchy of your class.  I don't see another way to do it.  Level 1 functions will use the Level 1 Reference. Level 2 functions use the Level 2 Reference (which exposes Level 1 and Level 2 Functions).  Calls to Level 1 functions from Level 2 objects will still use the Level 1 reference.  This isn't a problem I think.


The only other way I can think of is continuously doing a dynamic cast between different statically linked references and the singly base reference stored in the base class.  I wouldn't recommend doing this.

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