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  1. With Any reference you have to be careful to use a shift register to use the reference in a loop. because if the loop does not execute a tunnel-out will have a null (default data), but a shift register will carry the correct data out of the loop. To make my point see attached snippet
  2. Bug: The EnQueue VI should use SR for the Queue reference because if you have an empty array as your input the Output Queue reference will be null.
  3. We have Mechanical, Electrical, and Software positions posted. You can find more information by selecting the Ann Arbor site from this page: www.advancedphotonix.com/careers Please don't reply to me direct - You must follow the process through the website.
  4. Try flyspray, it's simple, easy on the eyes, and free. Open Source Their webpage is down right now. you can get it here http://sourceforge.net/projects/flyspray/ or see a demo here: http://bugs.splitbrain.org/
  5. 1,315 downloads

    Copyright © 2006, Sam Behashtei All rights reserved. Author: Sam Behashtei --see readme file for contact information Description: Data.vi V1.0.0 LabVIEW Versions 7.0,7.1 The purpose of the VI is to demonstrate how to save all your application’s parameter in one central INI file. Using this method will reduce errors and eases debugging. This Data VI has the following functionality 1: Can be used as a Central Data Repository for your Application. 2: It allows access to the Data via SET/GET method. 3: It uses semaphores to stop any race conditions and (concurrent SET access to data) It will allow parallel "READ-ONLY" access to the Data. 4: A Function to Save all of the DATA to an INI file. 5: A Function to Load a previously saved Data from the INI file. Library Dependency: OpenG: oglib_variantconfig-2.6- OpenG: oglib_lvdata-2.5-1 http://web.archive.org/web/20071205114227/http://www.openg.org/ Version History: 1.0.1: Added LabVIEW 7.0 code. 1.0.0: Initial release of the code.
  6. Version 1.0.1


    Copyright © 2006, Sam Behashtei All rights reserved. Author: Sam Behashtei --see readme file for contact information Description:: In most modern application, in web based application, the user input Textbox, or (String-Control) have the ability to Auto-Complete the words being typed. This utility helps the programmer give the Auto-Complete behavior to a LabVIEW String. Version History: 1.0.1: The mechanism to store suggestion list has been changed. 1.0.0: Initial release of the code.
  7. QUOTE (Jim Kring @ Dec 31 2008, 02:20 PM) I bet internally the Dialog or Linking Algorithm is dropping the ending ( .svn-base). maybe searching for .vi and assuming the [ Path.Name.vi ] as the vi name. To clarify my problem is not how to fix this error, but how to prevent it from happening, I can fix the errors in any number of methods, some being the ones mentioned. The interesting point here is that I get this error on most of my project, but some of you here never seen it. therefore pointing to my style of programming ( Folder Structure maybe) :-) That inevitability causes Linking Problems. Like stated earlier I use Auto-Pop heavily, and Auto-pop adds the ".svn" folder to the project. It would be very nice to have an option setting for LabVIEW to ignore some file types and names.
  8. I am attaching this Picture to show VIs linked incorrectly. Notice how ".svn" is a parent folder for the VIs
  9. I am using LabVIEW 8.6, but I have seen it as well in LabVIEW 8.5. Jim, I think you are correct regarding auto-pop. feature leading to cross-linking. I will stop using auto-pop and see if cross-linking is reduced or gone. Also I don't think using "_svn" instead of ".svn" will fix this cross-linking. If I remember "_svn" was a hack to fix a bug with ASP.NET 1.0. I think ".svn" was a reserved word in ASP.NET. Also this hack no longer is necessarily for current ASP.NET Aristos, I always rename using LabVIEW file save as. I try to never rename in Explorer, exactly for fear of cross-linking.
  10. Hi, I have a concern regarding SVN. I have been using SVN since/before 2004. Lately I am having a lot of VIs that are incorrectly linked to the .SVN folder; I am blaming the project explorer. I am having a lot of frustration with this, and hate the fact that I need to relink more and more VIs to the actual file from the temporary SVN file. If there isn't a solution found for this incorrect linking I will abandon my favorite SCC. Has anyone else ran into this? What do you do to avoid false linking? As always I appreciate your kind help.
  11. The problem resides in the Driver that you are using. You should ask the creator of the driver. Another thing I can think of is playing the bit count, 8, 16, 14, 24 .... if you can not change the driver, you can rearrange the array yourself as I can see that you are getting the image array and saving it to file. Remember the Array is in RGB. and use ArrayInterleave and ArrayDecimate. QUOTE (iowa @ Sep 10 2008, 03:11 PM)
  12. You are not parsing the [Rows] in [image Array] correctly if my memory serves correctly. From the picture it seems that you are for example taking every other pixel,which will give you a compressed stubby image.
  13. Give wget (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wget) a try as well. wget can do recursive, time compare (Changed files) very well. there is wget for windows, also it is included in cygwin package.
  14. QUOTE(silmaril @ Aug 14 2007, 10:43 AM) Works just fine in my Firefox, are you saying you can't use firefox for youtube videos? try installing/adding a plugin for flv players.
  15. I don't know what you are really doing but if you want to prevent a condition that already has happened from happing again you need to perform some kind of search, which I don't see in your code.
  16. okay! where is your contact information? What level of experince are you looking for? junior, mid-level, or higher? if you are really looking for someone then why are you shy about giving details and your contact information?
  17. I don’t post a lot, but I have been a member for a while now. I think the fact that this forum is good place to post interesting and advanced topics, has made me stick around. So as far as I know everyone here goes out of their way to answer posts, and I think they should be commended for it. Some observations I have had with these two new members, maybe these thing I am saying will ring a bell to others. Also if others See this they may benefit or not. Their typing is their Chat-Like typing, reminds me of my little cousin playing video-games. Whenever I see this I ignore the whole post, make mental note and if repeated ignore the user all together. If this typing is because of English language then over time I would realize that fact and would be okay with it. They keep on saying they are working on a project (emphasizing on project) kind of leading to a work-related projects, like most people here. But when you read the questions you know it is some school assignment, so you already getting a feeling of being lied to. Again this is my opinion. The questions are none-stop. Again that is okay with me, I don’t answer but I get the feeling that they are trying to get a passing mark in course without paying their dues. So If I am wrong I apologize. I think a well written introduction of their status would make all my point go away.
  18. Thanks PJM, I wasn't even sure that LabVIEW could run. Do you know if NI-Vision,IMAQ can be run? Since their data are in form of pointers. As for NI drivers , I more convinced that they will not work, unless some thunking is done.
  19. I've got this amd64 Dell pc, and right now it's running xp32, but it's not very stable. I'm thinking about putting XP64 on it, but I am not too sure what to expected. Has anyone got any experience in XP64 and NI products? From hardware perspective , what kind of support/products are there from NI? I appreciate any insights. Thanks
  20. Thanks for the info, I only seen the the installer that has the SVNServer running in application mode. I admit this one is easier than my way. But because I install cygwin on all me computers svn server comes as free for me.
  21. Not to take anything away from Jim, but to add to his post. If you like SVN, here is a quick way of setting up a SVN server for your Windows machines: All you will need is cygwin distribution. cygwin is Unix/Linux commands for window, it also contains Xserver and other stuff as well. When I get any new computer cygwin is the first thing I put on it. you can download it from cygwin.com. These instructions will install the SVN server as a service on your windows, meaning the compter can run headless in a corner somewhere with minimum administration. Once the service is up and running you can use TortoiseSVN as your client and use the SVN user manual: once you have downloaded and installed cygwin, follow these steps: Assumptions: c:\Cygwin - cygwin installation directory d:\SVN_Repositories - SVN repository folder for your projects 1: Go to Run (Start | Run) and type: c:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe 2: in the opened bash command window type: 2.1: svnadmin create D:\\SVN_Repositories 2.2: cygrunsrv --install SvnServe --chdir D:\\SVN_Repositories --path c:\\cygwin\\bin\\svnserve.exe --args "--foreground --daemon --root=/cygdrive/d/SVN_Repositories" --desc "Subversion System" --neverexits 3: Run the "SvnServe" Service from the control-panel ( Services): Only for the first time 4: To access the project in your SVN repositories: Actual Folder path: d:\SVN_Repositories\ProjectLAVA svn checkout path: svn://ComputerName/ProjectLAVA Enjoy!
  22. very nice toolkit. I have one suggestion, I think it would be better to use a check box to indicate debug mode. or if you keep the current style then indicate in text the status of the debug button.
  23. interestingly enough I found this bug a few days ago as well, and also reported it to NI.
  24. The best way to interface Java and LabVIEW is a client/server type application. Java-Client, LabVIEW-Server. QUOTE Two questions, one comment: 1: Why is it a bad idea to talk to your module in Java if you are only communicating serially? 2: If you communicating serially to your modules then what benefit is LabVIEW going to provide over any other language? Just stick to one language if you can and avoid complication of introducing multiple languages.
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