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  1. You may consider it black and white, but you're not the site owner. Mike is, and he hasn't responded, so we don't know what his reasoning is for his position (not that it really matters, because he can do whatever he deems fit).
  2. Vehemence is a strong word, considering the term I used was "preferable". It's a simple binary choice between require or don't require and the considerations for it are either conceptual ("we want minimal barriers", "we want people to commit", etc.) or technical ("defend against DOS", etc.). I'm just saying that my preference is for it to be open unless there's a good reason for it to be closed. DDOS protection is a good argument, but you can argue in return that LAVA is not a likely target or that even if it is attacked, it might be worth it. Then you could counter-argue that Michael's peace of mind of not having to deal with it takes precedence over users ease of use of not having to register. All are valid arguments, but in the end it's easier for users if they don't have to register.
  3. I know what the potential technical reasons are. The decision should be about whether LAVA wants to preemptively protect against such DOS attacks and whether it's worth it for the hassle of people having to register to download. My question is about that balance and not so much about the actual reasons.
  4. I would argue that the opposite is preferable - open all downloads. While registration isn't a super tall barrier, I think the default should be for this to be open, both practically and as a policy matching the spirit of LAVA, unless there is a particular technical reason or principle which should make it blocked. Is there?
  5. You already wrote the scripting code, but one more option is to change the data type, which will also force an update. You should just make sure that the data type is large enough to keep the correct values (so U32->U64->Apply->U32->Apply). Also, I haven't checked, but I'm guessing this doesn't affect constants in VIs which aren't loaded when you make the change.
  6. The advice is to debug. Place error indicators and probes. Highlight execution. A quick test shows that you get an error on the conversion on the sending side, presumably because the type descriptor is wrong. You need the type descriptor for a string, because that's your type. Or, more likely, you're probably just expected to wire the string into the VI, since the conversion to a variant should be automatic. You probably also need to set the return elements input on the other side to T. That's as much as I can tell from a quick look, because I'm not familiar with this set of VIs.
  7. Maybe you should take it up with this guy? Or this guy? As for the registration, I was simply pointing it out. I have no idea what his specific issue was.
  8. Like Hooovahh, I'm fairly certain there's no plugin options for the toolbar. This is most likely implemented in the C code, and while it may be theoretically possible to hack it, I doubt it's worth the effort. One option which might be more relevant for you is having a separate floating VI as your toolbar and using the VI Activation event to interact with the relevant VI. This will do what you want, but it has the disadvantage of being a separate window that you have to open when you want this functionality. You can see an example of how this can work here - https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/labview-apis/blog/2009/06/15/automating-labview-development-with-the-scripting-springboard Edit - I suppose you could also poll the window position of the active VI and use that to position the floating VI over the toolbar, but that's hacky and won't work well with all window sizes.
  9. See here - http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Write-to-STDOUT-from-Labview-EXE-Ran-from-Console/m-p/3297020#M964175 I can confirm that unregistered users can't download attachments, as that's easy enough to check with a private window - you get an access permission error page with the text "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account" and the error code 2C171/1 I'm not sure what his issue is with creating an account.
  10. Like I said in the thread Philip linked to (there should be some actual numbers in one of my older threads on LAVA, but I don't feel like looking it up), in my testing I saw that the main slowdown in the OpenG VIs came from the NI VIs and switching to the MGI VIs had a performance difference of ~10-20X. The basic functional difference between the two libraries is that the NI INI VIs let the OpenG library handle existing files and modify items within them, whereas the MGI VIs simply overwrite the entire file. At least, that was the case ~8-9 years ago, when I did this. Since then many things have changed (like the internal structure of the NI INI VIs).
  11. Seems fine here too (Win 10, FF): It says it expires on April 2019.
  12. Personally, I'm not a fan of Stack Overflow for several reasons (such as its terrible update system. I basically have no way of knowing other people answered a question I answered), but the primary problem is that I find the linear conversation model of threads much better. Some forums (the NI communities, for instance. I don't remember if LAVA had this) will float marked answers to the top, but keep the rest of the discussion in order. I should point out that I do love SO when I'm searching for something myself and then the first results are from SO and the answer marked as correct is right at the top, but I hate interacting with it.
  13. The problem is that I have no idea what is or isn't baked in. I don't know which customization options are available with the IPS software. If you want to make me (or, better yet, ShaunR ) an admin, I'm sure this can be worked out. Agreed. I was just pointing out my perspective. I have checked it now. We'll see if it works.
  14. And a couple of other complaints about the unread content list: I would prefer a date and time on the last activity (although that's not really all that critical) and I thought I could ignore those separators, but when they start adding things by hour and today and yesterday it really gets annoying. Edit: for comparison, here's the same page after adding the rule lavag.org##li.ipsStreamItem_time (which blocks these elements) to my adblocker:
  15. I did. That's where the option I mentioned exists. It doesn't look like it helped, because I did get an email for your reply, but its title was the relatively useless "LogMAN quoted one of your posts" as opposed to the previous "New reply to xxx" title, which is the one I want, and as far as I can tell, can't actually be implemented. The email I did get was presumably because I checked the "someone quotes" option.
  16. Mike, the email notifications are unclear to me. The site certainly doesn't respect my previous settings (I want to get emails for replies on threads I participated in, but I didn't get emails for any of the replies on this thread) and I'm not entirely sure how the current settings work. Some of them are marked as being disabled by the admin and I'm not sure what the correct setting is for getting emails. I did mark the "Notify me of replies" button when submitting the first reply and it looks like this is remembered for future threads as well, so I don't need to check it again, but I still didn't get the email. I'm assuming the relevant option is the "New content for things I follow" setting, but it is already checked now, and I'm not sure if I did it now or if it was already checked before I started playing with the settings.
  17. I'm really hoping to avoid having to do that. While it's certainly a possibility, and I definitely agree with the "do something rather than complain" mentality, I figured I would start with voicing my dislike and seeing if that helps.
  18. It is. I haven't really used it yet, but even a cursory glance is enough to tell that it's much better, even though it is slightly worse than the old version (mainly because of the text under the bullet). For those who want this, it's here:
  19. Generally, I'm fine with change, and I like that LAVA keeps swimming and I haven't seen most of the changes yet, but for now, put me on the haters side, if only for two reasons: White. So much white. I had a similar complaint with some upgrade NI had at some point. While the LAVA situation is better than the NI one was, I still feel there isn't enough contrast in the various separators and I find the white hurts my eyes. This is probably screen-dependent, and I probably would get used to it, but I am putting it out there that I would prefer a change in the colors. The alignment on the unread content page is now annoying to me. I found it easier to scan the old version, particularly with regards to the placement of the bullet. Here's a comparison: Because this page is the main way I interact with the site, I expect I will find this annoying over time too.
  20. A couple of extra comments: You don't need a separate control. Graphs have a Plot Image property which allows you to draw custom images in the control itself. The control should also have a couple of methods for converting between the relevant coordinate systems. You can configure the cursor style itself to be just the crosshairs, but I assume that's too small for you. You could add another plot which is your line. I usually work with XY graphs, where this is easy. I'm not sure what the exact details would be for a waveform graph. You can use the cursor events to update the values of this plot.
  21. Yair

    Smash Call

    That is a) awesome b) horrible c) not necessarily in that order. I actually initially thought you meant you pass a VI as a function pointer to be executed from a C call, but I guess you're just executing a C function? The images are kind of hard to follow for someone who isn't familiar with disassembly and how exactly LV runs the machine code, so a video explaining it would probably be better for people to understand.
  22. No, you can't. It would have to be more complicated and I'm not sure what would be needed to make it work, which is why I said you should use the existing control you already have (at least I assume you used an image of a real control and not something you made up on your own). The other alternative is to build the UI in a different way, like showing the relevant details in the tree and then updating the values in separate controls when you click the relevant line on the tree. Then you'll probably want to start with looking at some tutorials and examples on the topic.
  23. Not with the native tree control. There are some tricks you can do to get the drop down lists, but nothing for the nested table. You could implement this with various tricks using clusters or subpanels, but my suggestion is that if you already have a control which does this (I'm assuming a .NET control), you just embed it in a .NET container and use that.
  24. Nice. I like the rolling functionality. The performance seems decent, although noticeably slow when panning while rolling. I haven't analyzed it to see if it can be improved, although I'm assuming you would probably need to calculate each pixel each time anyway. If you were inclined to modify it, I would suggest moving the image saving into an event (and use PNG) and probably to use mouse scrolling for zoom (added as an event in LV 2013) and mouse dragging (Mouse Down+Move) for panning, as that seems more natural.
  25. A bit late, but this table can probably help: You're apparently in the Waiting to run state, which happens with statically linked VIs which are inside VIs which are in Run mode. I didn't remember whether this applies to static VI references, but apparently it does. Another option which hasn't been mentioned here is to store the VI reference in the caller (e.g. using a feedback node) and always start by opening its FP. If that works (no error), you carry on. If it doesn't, you launch a new VI and store its reference.
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