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2012 LAVA/OpenG NIWeek Bar-B-Q

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--- UPDATE 2012-08-05: Ticket pre-sales are now closed. If you need to buy a ticket at NIWeek, this post has what you need to know. --- It's that time of year again! Are you coming t

As the 2010 that guy, I can confirm you do not want to be that guy.

Awesome! Thanks for the love. IMPORTANT TICKET BUYING UPDATE I will be shutting down online ticket presales on Sunday. If you don't buy your ticket by then, you will need to find me at the show (at

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I told someone to come to this page. "Just search for barbecue on LAVA," said I. They typed in "BBQ". Turns out that no where on the entire site do we use the keyword "BBQ" the search engine doesn't return any results for that term. I was amazed... I would've thought that would have worked. So, I am now posting this comment so that, at least for 2012, "BBQ" will get a hit when you search. :-) If you found this comment by searching, the post you're actually looking for to buy tickets is this one: http://lavag.org/top...niweek-bar-b-q/

[EDIT] Um... hold that thought.

A) I just searched for "BBQ" and this comment did not get found.

B) I just noticed that Justin's original post uses "BBQ" in the body text.

Something is not right with the searching.

Just tell them to go to www.lavag.org/bbq that is way easier :)

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I told someone to come to this page. "Just search for barbecue on LAVA," said I. They typed in "BBQ".

Our built-in search engine only indexes terms of four or more letters.

That said, you could always point them to this very convenient link: http://lavag.org/bbq

So how many CLAs and such do we have working on this?????

All of 'em! (or, at least they *should* be!)

Just tell them to go to www.lavag.org/bbq that is way easier :)

What she said.

Got my ticket. This time I am wearing shorts!

Thanks - we'd all appreciate that. It was pretty embarassing last year when you arrived with no shorts. :P

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Just in case you don't know, there'll be fabulous door prizes at the BBQ too! All prizes are donated by your super-awesome fellow LAVA members, so check them out here (also, feel free to offer up a prize of your own - hint, hint)

CRELF, I thought it was AQ who said he was paying your ticket. Hmmm, maybe it was something about "punching your ticket".....oh well.... :lol:

Ha! No, AQ and I get along just great - especially after a few beers and some 80s music :) Be sure to attend the conference party to witness this.

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Well I'm VERY sad to say that things have changed and I will NOT at the BBQ because I will not be at NI-Week. :angry:

As an administrator of this site, I do not accept this post, and am considering deleting it.

Justin, I wanted to let you know that Relf is paying for me again this year. :)

aHA! I knew you'd try to pull this one! Read THIS! BAM!

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    • By The Q
      Join us at NIWeek 2019!
      Contributors of labviewwiki.org, (including future contributors), can add to their ribbon collection by finding an admin during NIWeek or at the LAVA BBQ!
      See you there!

    • By John Lokanis
      Looking for info on the BBQ signup this year.  Google came up empty.  Is it still happening?
    • By Mark Balla
      Please see this link for Video downloads 
      The NIWeek 2017 Videos are uploaded to the ftp server.
      Please see this link for information on downloading the videos.
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      Greetings Friends of LAVA, colleagues, cohorts, and Wireworkers Extraordinaire -- it's LAVA BBQ time!
      Change log for 2018:
      Prices have been rolled back to a previous, cheaper version New location, see below  
      Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018
      Time: 7:30-10:00 pm 
      Location: Uncle Billy's Brewery and Smokehouse, 1530 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704 (1.5 miles from Convention Center)
      $25 Early Bird (through May 4th)
      $30 Regular Admission (through May 20th)
      $35 At the door (May 21st - 22nd)
      Meal Options: Expect to enjoy your choice of meats (brisket, turkey, ribs) with sides like mac and cheese, cole slaw, and potato salad.  A vegetarian option is available when purchasing tickets. Cash beer bar.
      Who: Everyone is welcome, including spouses traveling with you. Even if it's your first time, expect to recognize many faces/names from the forums and NI R&D.
      What to wear: It's a covered, outdoor venue in Austin during Spring, so dress for the weather and comfort.
      Door Prizes: We will have a drawing to give away prizes. All attendees are eligible and will receive a door prize ticket upon entry.  See below about sponsoring a door prize yourself to share the love.

      ------------>>------------>>   Get LAVA BBQ 2018 Tickets Here   <<------------<<------------
           The venue is now a 30 minute walk from the convention center, or a $6 Uber.  Get together and carpool, people are typically gathering at Challenge the Champions in Exhibit Hall 4, which is great fun.  There is a free parking garage behind the building.
      We'd love for you to sponsor a door prize - Continue Reading:
      If you or your company want to sponsor a LAVA BBQ door prize, please post a reply below. You can also include a small blurb about your company and a link to your website in the post below. By donating a prize you and your company will receive a small announcement of your choosing, during the event. We will ask you to write the announcement on a post-it note and will attach it to the prize to be read before awarding it.
      We love the door prizes, but we love time for socializing too.  Here are some guidelines to keep our event balanced and streamlined.
      Single item donations work best. If donating more than one item, then multiple identical items is strongly preferred. If donating non-tangible items or something that is not physically with you, then please bring a card with your contact info and instructions on how to collect the prize. This will be given to the winner. Donations are typically $25-$200 in value. Not recommended:
      Apparel (hats, t-shirts, underwear, etc.) - never the right size Software licenses (Toolkits, add-ons, LabVIEW) Branded trade show booth type giveaways (mouse pads, pens, keychains, etc.) Jokes or something meant as a gag and not a real prize  
      Hope to see you there! Chime in once you buy tickets to let everyone know you're coming.
    • By Ed Dickens
      Since I haven't seen anything...
      Who's up for our annual Sunday evening gathering at The Gingerman?

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