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LabVIEW on Gumstix?

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if you can run Labview on the Gumstix which is Linux based (Tiny USB stick sized Linux computer)?




Each DuoVero™ COM comes standard with:


Texas Instruments OMAP4430 Dual Cortex™-A9


Dual-core, up to 1GHz


512MB or 1GB RAM


microSD slot Dimensions: 58mm x 17mm x 4.2mm Add features with DuoVero® expansion boards

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The short answer is no. LabVIEW for Linux is distributed as a binary so you won't be able to target it to Linux on x86. LabVIEW RT for custom targets the x86 architecture (and then only specific chipsets).

There is the LabVIEW for ARM module but it requires programming thought the Keil uVision tool chain which I suspect you can't (or defeats the object of a board such as the gumstix) so I doubt it will give the experience you are hoping for. I would love to see this change but it is the situation as it stands.

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Thanks James. Thats a pity. Would you know of any other Computer-on-Module or single board computers that could run LabVIEW or at least the RTE. It doesnt have to be Linux. Windows would actually be preferable. The smallest PC I have put LabVIEW into is an Advantech fanless compact PC (http://www.advantech.com/applied-computing-systems/embedded-computer/default.aspx)



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