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The previous solution is probably better than mine, but I can think of an alternate way.  Fonts are installed in Windows in the following path %windir%\fonts  You can probably perform a list files finding all installed fonts there.  I'm not sure if fonts can be installed into a location other than that, and if it can then that is a reason the .Net method might be preferred.

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Sorry I can't get them to work either.  Sometimes LAVA's servers will do weird things with compression or resizing, and in the process it might strip out the meta data that is the VI file.  Once we noticed this, these settings were turned off but it is possible these were back when that was an issue.

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I just created a new snippet to test hooovahh's explanation.  Does this one work for you?

add snippet.png

Edit:  Trying my example didn't work for me either.  I used to be able to do it in Internet Explorer but newer web browsers don't seem to support this anymore.

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On 6/24/2023 at 7:09 PM, paul_cardinale said:

Unfortunately, "Get Font Names.vi" doesn't work properly on a Mac: The list returned includes names of fonts that aren't available, and is missing some that are available.

Oh, that's not good to know about how to get rid of man moobs that "Get Font Names.vi" doesn't work properly on a Mac. 

But we can hope that the problem will be resolved soon.

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4 hours ago, paul_cardinale said:

Do you know of a way to invoke the font dialog?


Actually, there is no direct way to call it that I would know of, but it should be possible to send the according menu command to LabVIEW. But what do you want to do then? This is not a vi, but an internal LabVIEW dialog. It does use a front panel resource like what VIs use but it is not a VI, the entire programmatic handling is a C code function.

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