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Hi, I'm fairly new to the JKI SMO framework and I have been looking at many examples online about how to use the framework (the HAL Webinar was very helpful) and I think I understand most of what is being presented but I'm having trouble making the next step of actually implementing it into my applications.


At a basic level I'm having difficulty with launching the splash screen SMO.  When I launch a splash screen using the created TestLauncher.vi it launches without difficulty, but when I try to create the Splash Screen SMO from another SMO, it gets stuck in the SMO.lvclass:Start.vi.  Particularly, the subVI StartProcesses.vi.  It's waiting in the Event structure for an event never seems to happen.


Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?




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Hi Bruce, 

I just saw your post. As cbl mentioned, the best place for support on SMOs is the issues section on GitHub. 

Are you still having issues or you've solved it?
It is most likely a re-entrancy settings issue, perhaps with the Splash screen template creator method. Try setting the reentrancy of the Creator method to Shared Reentrant.


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