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  1. I've never seen this kind of behavior. Only support files like documents, shared libraries and the like are supposed to be placed outside the executable, but I presume you mean VIs. This is very strange.
  2. Wow, this is good news! I'll give it a try. Point taken, I was going to post on the VIPM forum but then this thread happened and I couldn't resist... You can also disable the VIPM Service in the Task Manager under Startup. That said, I would like this to be opt-in or at least opt-out. Maybe on first start or during installation.
  3. You can specify a destination on the Source File Settings page of your build specification. The default is "Same as caller". I assume your plugin is set to a custom destination, but your support files aren't, so they are put in the same folder as the caller. If you explicitly set the destination for your support files to the application executable, it will place them inside the executable.
  4. I agree, that feature should be opt-in and the logins are a bad joke. Also, the installer creates a task for the Task Scheduler without consent. This is prevented by our IT policies and ultimately fails the installation - silently for NIPM and with an error message for the offline installer. VIPM 2019 it is 👍
  5. It is growing on me too (with exceptions mentioned before). It actually feels refreshing in some sense, which is probably what they intended. It seems to me that they have totally forgotten about their existing customers. I actually haven't received any invitation, message or notification from NI about any of this (did anyone?). We are the ones that are most excited to use their products now and that doesn't seem to be worth anything. We are also the ones who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and excitement with the next generation of engineers. VIWeek, LAVA, LabVIEW Wiki, Ope
  6. About 35 minutes of people talking about how awesome everybody is (for some reason nobody mentioned me 😢). At 35:30 they finally address the new design. At 44:00 they talk about a six year commitment for the new roboRIO controller (whatever that is) for the FIRST robotics competition, financial support for students, equality and inclusion - quite important messages these days. At 45:56 they announce a campaign to "put a lens on 100 game-changing breakthroughs" (collected via Twitter). They will post the best ones here (one per week). The last 5 minutes are NI employees
  7. So that just happened I think it's time for me to watch the livestream footage.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. I actually limited access to *.ni.com, specifically, so I should be fine.
  9. I would like to end the day with positive (and hopefully constructive) feedback, so here is a list of pros on the new design: All the old links still work Broken pages (that I knew of) are fixed The top navigation bar takes less space (148px to 97px), which gives a bit more space to the page content Mobile view works much better than before, at least for general navigation (most of the content didn't change as far as I can tell) All the text in header and footer is bigger than before, which makes it much more readable, especially on higher resolution and smaller
  10. Well, they probably didn't find the slider for color and thus decided to fix it later (or their monitors have much higher contrast than mine). For now I have installed Stylish to fix my links. Imagine if this was the default 😊
  11. It's now updated to https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361R-01/lvconcepts/customizing_your_work_environment/#How_LabVIEW_Stores_Option Don't hesitate to update the Wiki if the information is outdated.
  12. Wait what? ... After a few minutes of browsing, I must say it will take time to get used to. Fortunately most of the things are roughly at the same place as before, so that's a plus. The site is obviously build with a mobile-first approach, which makes it slightly annoying to use for everyone else...
  13. I never said there was an issue with using common code between projects. In fact, it makes no difference. Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, one of our old repositories has more than 200 individual projects in a single folder with a few hundred VIs and LLBs, most of which share code between each other! It is absolutely mental. My point is, our projects shouldn't have been structured that way in the first place and NXG makes it so much easier not to make the same mistake. I wonder how NXG handles nested projects...
  14. Me too. In the early days (LV 6-7 era), it was common practice for us to share code between projects. The "smarter" ones of us even had dedicated directories for reuse code. As it turned out, this move was not so smart after all... Now we have older (and still active) projects that are missing entire LLBs, because they got lost when old computers were replaced by new ones. To this day we keep praying that nobody gets strange ideas about adding new features or (god forbid!) fix a "small bug" in those projects 😱 Nowadays (for the past ~10 years) any code is either part of the same reposito
  15. Glad to hear you found a working solution. Looks simple enough to adjust to any version and bitness of LV. Not sure if this works, but it might be possible to run LabVIEW as a Windows service, which would make it entirely invisible. I'm thinking about NSSM or similar tools to turn the executable into a service. This would also allow LabVIEW to start during startup (i.e. after login) to have it up and running for CI jobs.
  16. Move the VI to a cRIO target in your project (there is probably a way to do that with scripting somehow). The compiler will take care of the rest. Yes, you can compile VIs for very specific targets like cRIO because it is a well defined environment. However, it is not possible to cross-compile applications between Windows, Linux and MacOS if that is what you want: https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000P81NSAS
  17. Anything under My Computer is compiled for the platform you are currently on. For your cRIO I think you need to have it as a target in the project first. Then you can deploy your VI to it. http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361R-01/lvconcepts/adding_targets_to_project/ Not that I have ever done this 🤷‍♂️
  18. There is: https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361R-01/lvhowto/cli_running_operations/ What are you trying to achieve? To my knowledge there is no built-in way to avoid the splash screen. You can, however, skip the Getting Started window by enabling Skip Getting Started window on launch under Tools > Options > Environment. LabVIEW will then always create an empty VI on startup. Not sure if that is what you want.
  19. They were added in 2019, actually. Can't live without them now 😊 Indeed, these features are very useful for corner cases. For the general case, however, I would argue that the cost (slower performance, higher complexity) probably outweighs the benefits (haven't tested it). Still, the Hidden Gems version allows you to specify a pattern, which makes it extremely flexible (not sure about the OpenG version).
  20. I would do it in two steps 1. Discard protocol data (~00D and 037) - This is typically done when reading the data string anyway. 2. Split the payload using Delimited String to 1D String Array.vi.
  21. Welcome to the jungle! New users wouldn't have to convert legacy code, so this is probably not an issue.
  22. I don't know if there is any documentation for this, but a link points to a resource external to your project. You can create your own links by adding files that are not located in your project folder. It looks like your component is located on a shared network location? Maybe the conversion tool uses UNC paths and the project expects mapped paths? Maybe you can re-add those files to get it to work.
  23. There might be a typo in @Bryan's example. The first byte should be 7E instead of 7F (based on the previous data). Still, this is guesswork at best and not much better than brute forcing every possible combination. You have proven that your code works, so this is a good time to talk with the supplier. Maybe they can provide you an example or verify that the data you are sending is correct.
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