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i have been seeing many discussions about "Arduino" and i have no knowledge about it. 

i am planing to go for a workshop  soon. before the workshop i want to have little knowledge in this regard. Tried to search in labview forums  that took me " NI LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Toolkit".page.

I checked arduino's official website , still i need some understanding for effective usage..

what are the applications area where i can implement Arduino with Labview? 

please advise. 


note : i am reading "https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/labview-interface-for-arduino" link now. 

is Arduino is having different standard hardware worldwide? pls help.

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Ok so an Arduino is a microcontroller.  Not all microcontrollers are Arduinos, but all Arduinos are microcontrollers.  Arduino hardware and software is open source and has nothing to do with NI.  People can make their own Arduinos that meet their specific needs but there are several official Arduino types like the Mega and Uno.  The software used to program an Arduino is a custom build IDE which is basically C++ (correct me if I'm wrong).  Once you program the Arduino it can run without a PC, it will just do what it was told to.


Here is where LabVIEW comes in.  NI developed a toolkit which has a set of code that is put on the Arduino so that it can communicate back to a PC running LabVIEW.  This set of code allows you to do a whole bunch of stuff without needing to write any text programming because NI already has done the work for you.  This removes some of the low level features of an Arduino but for most people it is a way to add cheap hardware to LabVIEW.  The Arduino does not run LabVIEW code, and you cannot compile a VI to be put on the Arduino.  The toolkit is just a set of functions that allow you to control the Arduino from LabVIEW.


I don't know what you mean by worldwide standards, an Arduino Uno is the same anywhere in the world.

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