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Full DataGridView for LabVIEW - OPEN SOURCE project underway

Mike King

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Have you considered making it an XControl so it is a drop in replacement?

I haven't because I've really always hated XControls for there bugginess, troubleshooting difficultly and the fact that most people don't or can't develop them well.  I've always hit performance problems with them as well when handling large data and I think the instancing of .NET controls may just add to that in an XControl.   I'm not saying its not possible or even a good idea, just that I don't care to do it myself.  You could certainly contribute that though if you're better in XControls than I am.



Great work, I realy love it.

Thanks, please add any ideas or thoughts if you test it out more closely then.

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Yes the date column sets up a date value type right now, but no date picker.  The picker can be done as you say, its a lot more involved though handling custom cell or column templates since there is much more event integration to handle the class differences. Date validation would be nice to add first I think, but certainly the date picker would be the best. Read more here:


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Very cool, I saw your effort on the NI side and was hoping to see more refinement.  I hate XControls too, but when there is lots of polish, the can make the use of them so much nicer.  I still think this is too early to be thinking about them, but in the future, when this is somewhat feature complete, I'd recommend trying to shove it into an XControl, and make it easy to use.

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Hi Mike,

One question, The CellClicked Event gives me the Row and Column index, but after sorting the data, how do I get the Data of the cell?
The DataGridView:Get DataArray.vi, gets me the unsorted order, so Unless I track the sorting my self I'm not sure how to get an sorted grid's cell value based on the CellClicked event.

I'm sure there must be a way to do this.

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On 4/4/2017 at 6:47 PM, MikaelH said:

Hi Mike,

One question, The CellClicked Event gives me the Row and Column index, but after sorting the data, how do I get the Data of the cell?
The DataGridView:Get DataArray.vi, gets me the unsorted order, so Unless I track the sorting my self I'm not sure how to get an sorted grid's cell value based on the CellClicked event.

I'm sure there must be a way to do this.

Instead of reading Data table, read Data grid view cell collection (see the attached). That will give you the sorted data. The only thing is that we don;t get sorted indices, so make an invisible column with incremental numbers - append it to your data. After sorting the table, the invisible column should give you the sorted indices. If there is any better way you have found out, let us know.



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DataGridView.lvclass:Set Cell Enabled State.vi . You have to iterate over the cells to disable the columns you want. Now as far as setting individual cell values programmatically without restarting / redrawing the whole table, does anyone have an idea? Nothing seem obvious

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Hi Mike,

Do you happen to have an example that updates more quickly? I read that you can bind the data last, but I tried this and I still see some performance issues when loading large amounts of data ~10,000 rows. Even when the data is loaded, scrolling seems to be laggy.

Also by any change is there a way to have an embedded progress bar (with multiple colors) as a column type?


Mike C

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