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2012 LAVA/OpenG NIWeek Bar-B-Q

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Count me in - ticket bought! This was certainly the highlight of NIWeek 2011 last year. Can't wait to hear more of Poet Laureate Nattinger's limericks and Admiral AQ's sea songs :thumbup1:

***EDIT: Cross posted invitation to Breakpoint: http://forums.ni.com/t5/BreakPoint/Hope-to-meet-you-at-LAVA-BBQ-during-NIWeek-2012/m-p/1994967/highlight/true#M19185 ***

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I would love to come, but I have to bring my wife and kids to NI week this year since her 40th birthday is at this day, but maybe I can tell her that I've booked dinner at a nice romantic Texas BBQ restaurant. Anybody else taking their families to NI-week this year?

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I haven't been to LAVAG in a while... I just thought the best way to get back was to get my ticket!

See you there,


...and the famous LAVA T-Shirts are available. The only difference to last year's design is that we've removed any reference to a particular year of NI-Week, so you don't have to buy one every year :)

So check it out in the LAVAStore (and why not grab yourself some other fine LAVA related products? :yes: )

So no contest this year? :(

BTW, can you make the same cool LAVA tshirt available for ladies?



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LAVA BBQ is a great place for the LV Community to help your wife to celebrate her 30th birthday!

And it's an even better place to celebrate her 29th birthday!

Please...don't make me do it again! (insert preemptive TWSS here)

There's at least 2 TWSSs there.

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BTW, can you make the same cool LAVA tshirt available for ladies?

The ladies fitted tee is now available in the LAVAStore!

Note: This is the same t-shirt style we used a couple of years ago, and several of our members said the size chart was skewed - make sure you order a size that larger than what you would normally order (not that I'm trying to suggest anything by that! :unsure: )

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I told someone to come to this page. "Just search for barbecue on LAVA," said I. They typed in "BBQ". Turns out that no where on the entire site do we use the keyword "BBQ" the search engine doesn't return any results for that term. I was amazed... I would've thought that would have worked. So, I am now posting this comment so that, at least for 2012, "BBQ" will get a hit when you search. :-) If you found this comment by searching, the post you're actually looking for to buy tickets is this one: http://lavag.org/top...niweek-bar-b-q/

[EDIT] Um... hold that thought.

A) I just searched for "BBQ" and this comment did not get found.

B) I just noticed that Justin's original post uses "BBQ" in the body text.

Something is not right with the searching.

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