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I am taking a sabbatical from LabVIEW and NI R&D

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Congratulations. It will go great and it's a fantastic area to grow into. You won't regret it  but i very much doubt you will be back at NI - it'd be a step backwards. 

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And here goes our rock(et)star.

With the global warming upon us, with leaders that can't even handle the little covid, I wish you good luck in your space mission.

We will LabU forever. 

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Well, that creates a mixed reaction.

On the one hand, obviously, congratulations, good luck, enjoy, etc.

On the other, we're losing our resident Greg McKascle and we'll have to see if someone else with the same level of knowledge steps up to offer such access to internal information. I can think of some and hopefully one or more of them will provide.

Good flying...

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A word of caution (seriously): before you send people in space on a device simulated/tested with LabVIEW, keep in mind that a non-negligible fraction (I am not saying a large fraction, but one bug can be enough) of its algorithms/numerical codes are buggy and since they are closed source (for the most part), the only way to figure out is to run into inconsistencies or unexpected results. This takes a OCD scientific mind to discover, the hard way. Especially in the "uncommon" regimes, those which Dr Murphy likes to invoke at the worst time...

As users, we've done our best to let NI know, but at best it has taken years for actual bugs to be fixed, when they have been fixed... Maybe time to check those X_Bug_Report tagged posts on forums.ni.com...

Have fun.

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